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8Th Straight Month Of Wolfenstein The New Order Key Decline

Sony dominated the industry because of the best things in a bloody good time. Has the arrangement to alter the characters' features, capabilities and someone…
voicelessrecept79 Jun 06, 2014

The Wolf

I was looking back at some of my Facebook postings and came across one that truly made me proud. It made me realize how far…
menaj Aug 25, 2013

Pan Flute Clothing: Way To Help The Amazonian Wild Life

  Have you ever wanted to help out wild life but never really could have been 'arsed' to do it? Well if you're like me then…

Beta Wolf SoundCloud pick!

"Just Before Morning" One of our favorite song to play live! :) -serge  Just Before Morning by Beta_Wolf 
betawolf Oct 10, 2012

Jace Everett’s “Bad Things” (Theme to True Blood): A Modern American Classic

How can you tell if a modern work of art is destined to become a classic? Whether it is a band or a song, a…
dancehallpimps Jan 20, 2012

Teen Wolf Sneak Peek episode 2: 'Scot Loses Control' + episode 1: pilot

  As you guy all know there's a new TV-serie on MTV called 'Teen Wolf'. The show is about Scott played by Tyler Posey. When Scott…
rockmichelle Jun 07, 2011


**If you love fashion, animals, music, festivals, nightlife and are simply wild at heart** SpiritHoods <3 And my Wolf one just arrived in mail yay (^.^)/                   ----->  SpiritHoods Official Website  <-----
Meanie Moon
Meanie Moon Feb 22, 2011

A little different

Hey guys. Thanks for reading my blog. This one's going to be a little different though. Instead of ranting or talking about something totally random…
WordsLamesWere Jul 06, 2010

Twilight Spoof/ Spin-Off "The Wolf Diaries" Jacob's story Ch.1

This is the story of me, Diana, and Jacob. I fell in love with a wolf boy, and somehow, he fell in love with me…
askmelater Oct 23, 2009


i had always thought i lived in hell,i thought it dark and cold.i thought i knew all the pain within;i know better now that i'm…
okami Oct 19, 2008

Oh Lord, Won't You Buy Me A Mercedes Benz?

I really need it...these last two days sucked. Really. Yesterday was the worst. First, my sister breaks my wolf figurine and then throughs the broken pieces…


So i read Breaking Dawn and i LOVED it! It was seriously the perfect ending to the perfect series. Of coarse im an Edward fan…
roreyjo Aug 14, 2008

WOLF covers Mercyful Fate - now available online!

WOLF covers Mercyful Fate - now available online! WOLF has made it apparent they love Mercyful Fate, and now you can check out the Swedish metal monsters’…
prostheticrecords Mar 25, 2008

Death of a Policeman by: Shane Christensen

Visit SwanktrendzThe distant howl of a lone wolf on a cold winter's night has always inspired goosebumps and also a feeling of serenity within me…
swanktrendzvanc Nov 17, 2007

the hunted

Ferocious and stealth, he makes not a sound.His paws are silent as they touch the ground.Stalking his prey ever so slightlyAlthough this task cannot be…
rachybunbun2 Sep 06, 2007