Avril Lavigne - What The Hellvid

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Barbie Avril Lavigne - What The Hellvid

Barbie Avril Lavigne - What The Hell

stop motion video with barbies 
Pony & Barbie World
Pony & Barbie World Mar 12, 2012

Before & After: Avril Lavigne.

This category of posts suddenly appeared in my mind while I was having breakfast this morning. We all know that a lot of artists, musicians…
Clara Jul 21, 2011
What The Hell babypic

What The Hell baby

All my life I’ve been good but now I’m thinking what the hell ♫
Gustavo Avril.
Gustavo Avril. Apr 17, 2011
Gustavo_Avril putting piercingvid

@Gustavo_Avril putting piercing

I put the nose piercing! I thought it would be a terror, but in the endwas so much fun ! Now for the tattoo! Wait…
Gustavo Avril.
Gustavo Avril. Apr 09, 2011

Speak up!

So lets talk about old band and their new music videos, and how are they similar in a good or bad way, shall we? As first…
hipsterzombiecat Feb 13, 2011

Old Avril vs. New Avril??

I heard Avril Lavigne's new song What The Hell, and found myself thinking what the heck happened to the punk rock girly girl that used…
breesobr00talbright Feb 12, 2011

Explaining The Video: Avril Lavigne 'What The Hell'

Avril Lavigne's new video is for her single "What The Hell?"  And trust me, that phrase becomes very, very useful while watching the video. Okay, so...she's…
Ashly Jan 25, 2011

Avril lavigne -what the hell OFFICIAL VIDEO PREMIERE

The wait is over! DOWNLOAD NOW > http://www.aimini.net/view/?fid=VPZs2p2lNfzbvJ60GPUl
Ann Wissner
Ann Wissner Jan 24, 2011

Tracklist 'Goodbye Lullaby'

I found the tracklist of 'Goodbye Lullaby' again. I think it's gonna be one of my favourite albums again. Here it is: 1. Black Star2. What…
rockmichelle Jan 13, 2011

Avril Lavigne: "What the hell!"

YEAAAH!!!!! Avril Lavigne is back again bitches!! On 01-01-2011 Avril laucnhed her her single 'What the hell'. This single is the first song from her…
rockmichelle Jan 13, 2011
Avril Lavigne's 'What The Hell?'vid

Avril Lavigne's 'What The Hell?'

"What The Hell?" is the newest song from Avril, America's favorite punky little divorcee. Her Facebook fans got a glimpse of this on January 1st…
breesays Jan 04, 2011

avril lavigne -what the hell NEW premiere

You say that I'm messing with your headAll cause I was making out with your friendLove hurts whether it's right or wrongI can't stop cause…
Ann Wissner
Ann Wissner Jan 01, 2011