Bre Blairpic

Bre Blair

After the Babysitters Club movie, Bre Blair continued acting, getting roles on TV and movies, including The O.C., Criminal Minds, Without a Trace, and most…
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Patty Feb 22, 2013
Christine Taylorpic

Christine Taylor

Post-Brady, Christine Taylor's career has taken off the most. She became Mrs. Ben Stiller and starred in a number of hilarious movies including The Wedding…
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Patty Feb 14, 2013
Mara Wilsonpic

Mara Wilson

Since her role in the movie, former child movie star Mara Wilson has since given up on film acting and is bored of people trying…
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Patty Feb 08, 2013
What Ever Happened To The Cast Of 'California Dreams'?pic

What Ever Happened To The Cast Of 'California Dreams'?

Surf dudes with attitudes... kinda groovy, right? The TNBC show California Dreams was one of the reasons Saturday mornings in the early 90s RULED! Produced…
laurenberger Feb 04, 2013 Originally by pattygopez
Bob Ueckerpic

Bob Uecker

After playing George Owens, retired baseball player and former sportscaster Bob Uecker continued acting, appearing in the Major League movies, voiced Trixie in Homeward Bound…
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Patty Jan 18, 2013
Tracy Wellspic

Tracy Wells

After the show, Tracy Wells appeared in a few roles, including TV movies The Search and Dragstrip Girl as well as Mirror, Mirror 2: The Raven Dance. She changed gears and is…
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Patty Jan 18, 2013
Ryan Sommers-Baumpic

Ryan Sommers-Baum

Since the show ended, Ryan Sommers-Baum attended the Tisch School of Arts at NYU, graduating in 2005. He has since taken a different road in…
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Patty Dec 13, 2012
What Ever Happened To The Cast Of 'The Santa Clause'?pic

What Ever Happened To The Cast Of 'The Santa Clause'?

We're well into the month of December and the holidays are in full swing. You know what that means: holiday movies galore! One classic holiday…
mayacohen Dec 11, 2012 Originally by pattygopez
Wendy Crewsonpic

Wendy Crewson

Charlie's mom in the movie, Wendy Crewson, may not be familiar by name, but by face, she's been around on the on-screen front! She appeared…
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Patty Dec 09, 2012
What Ever Happened To The Cast Of 'Home Alone'?pic

What Ever Happened To The Cast Of 'Home Alone'?

When you think of classic holiday movies, one of the first that comes to mind is the 1990 classic, Home Alone. Starring a precocious Macaulay…
Catherine O'Harapic

Catherine O'Hara

Catherine has been steadily acting, appearing in 2006's Penelope and more recently doing voice over work - she was the voice of Sally in The…
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Patty Nov 30, 2012
Jeff Cohenpic

Jeff Cohen

Post-Goonies, Jeff focused on school and played football in high school. He went on to attend UC Berkley and received a degree in business. After…
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Patty Nov 19, 2012
What Ever Happened To Rachelle Lefevre?pic

What Ever Happened To Rachelle Lefevre?

Remember Rachelle Lefevre who played Victoria in the first two Twilight films but was replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard in 2009? Supposedly Rachelle had a…
Patty Nov 18, 2012
Christian Burnspic

Christian Burns

Since the band’s breakup in 2003, Christian Burns formed a new band called Inhaler, which has been renamed to The Bleach Works. He’s worked with…
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Patty Oct 31, 2012
Debbie Reynoldspic

Debbie Reynolds

Legendary Debbie Reynolds continues her long acting career after Halloweentown starring in various films and also doing voiceovers in popular shows like Rugrats, Kim…
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Patty Oct 26, 2012