What Polls

Which Band Is The Best?

Pick which band is the best!
xxSierraxScarletxx Apr 30, 2011

What am i When you Read Or See Something About Me?

Ok.. so guy's, i've recently heard that i am worthless and pathetic, according to Tabloid Drama, So i want your opinion's.
Daric rawr
Daric rawr Jun 09, 2010

what style do you prefer?

i want to know what people prefer the most.
mentalxbarbie Jan 25, 2010

Which should I get with my limited $100?

I got 40 bucks from my aunt and my mom says she'll add 60 dollars for whatever I want...I don't know WHAT to get though!
carolinecourteous May 17, 2009

If your house was on fire, what would you do?

UMMMM...just freakin' pick an answer=)
thfan4life Apr 11, 2009

What would you think if started a fan-fic?

yeah, basically I'm asking what do you think of the idea and if you'll read it...
ghostofmusic Apr 09, 2009

como seria para ti un dia con tokio hotel?

aqui podras escribir lo que arias un dia con tokio hotel
mimabill May 01, 2008

What should u do, or, Who should you tell?

Your older sibling has stolen money from your mother and you saw her do it. what should you do, or, Who should you tell?
akianepaint Feb 19, 2008

What Is Your Favorite Style?

I Love Emo And Gothic And Punk!
jessie123 Aug 12, 2007