30 Day Song Challenge: Day 9vid

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 9

A song that is a guilty pleasure: Ke$ha - We R Who We R. Some of her songs are a bit too familiar with auto-tune but…
Keha - We R Who We Rvid

Ke$ha - We R Who We R

Mais uma do álbum "Cannibal" da Ke$ha. Aproveite a invasão.
Junior Kuran
Junior Kuran Dec 02, 2010

New music on iTunes!

New music on iTunes.....Yes it's true. But it is not new, Its not fresh. It is a cover of another band BOTDF, this new EP…
jfuckingscene Nov 30, 2010

Band Of The Day: Ke$ha.

By now we all know Ke$ha is known for her crazy unique style with a full blast of glitter. Her music is fun and the lyrics…
Michele Nov 22, 2010