Behind the Scenes: LA Fashion Week

nbsp;LA fashion week has come and gone. I will miss it so, till next year! Thanks to the girls of The Sugar Art and Fashion…
thecottoncandypunk Oct 26, 2013

Cotton Candy Punk Couture Hits LA Fashion Week this Friday!

Cotton Candy Punk Couture has been gearing up for LA fashion week. The Bad Bitch Colection will permeir this friday October 18th at Suagr Art…
thecottoncandypunk Oct 12, 2013

Let's Stand for Something. You and Me, Right Now.

*Let me preface this by saying none of the members of Wayward, myself included, consider themselves a “major player” in the music industry. However, that…
wayward (official)
wayward (official) Apr 13, 2011


Living in one house with 4 boys.One bathroom. 3 bed rooms and 1 couch! How would you feel if you was the only girl? Well…