Ville Valo Videos

Kari Valo's Invitation To Razorblade Greece Party On 22.11.2014vid
HIM on Album Reissues, 'Tears on Tape,' Drummer Injury Morevid
Ville Valo Interview Soundwave 2014vid
tatianaf Oct 15, 2014
HIM Bentsk Noc, - FTV PRIMAvid
Ville Valo - HIMvid

Ville Valo - HIM

Credits: 1MusicHungary
tatianaf Oct 15, 2014
Ville Valo HIM Interview yle AREENA 23.04.2013vid

Ville Valo (HIM) Interview @ yle AREENA (23.04.2013)

nbsp; Credits: Nico Pohjola (comments)   Rough breakdown:   Ville sums up the years of absence. Linde's solo record, Gas' hand injury, him being busy with songwriting.       Then he mentions Linde's…
tatianaf Oct 13, 2014