Hey babes! I’m in one of my favourite places in the WORLD this week – LA babbyyy! Here’s my LA photo diary…

Vanessa Hudgens And Ashley Tisdale Salute Memorial Day Poolside

Former costars, and current besties, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale had all their bases covered this Memorial Day. The two paid their respects to American veterans, and…

Nationalist Magazine Cover Story Feat. HannaBeth

I styled HannaBeth for the November cover of Nationalist Magazine. It was so much fun playing dress up in LA. Peep the final images and let me know what…

Britney Spears Tweets Obama

Britney Tweeted President Barack Obama a special message and video asking which presidential candidate has The X Factor! You have swagg!

LA’s Birthday Surprise, Please Don’t Say Adele & More On The X Factor Episode 3

Finally I had a bit of time to watch the two episodes of last week and I have to say that also this time didn’t miss to laugh, to cry, to moving and to be…

Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Bootsy Bellows Nightclub in West Hollywood, USA [August 14, 2012]

Bill and Tom Kaulitz has been spotted again but this time I felt me really sorry about them. It’s the first time ever they try to run and escape from paparazzi, and when all this start, it’s only the beginning of the end of the life there. It’s been like to see Britney who try… More »

Official Britney Spears X Factor Auditions Post In Greensboro, North Carolina – Day Three

Today is the third and FINAL set of X Factor auditions in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Yep, no more auditions after this!

It’s been such an amazing experience…

Britney Spears In Greensboro, North Carolina For X Factor Auditions – Day One

First of the last three days of auditions for X Factor FULL BLOG

I’m In New Jersey Trick!

Here are a few photos of my first few days in New Jersey! I’m going to be in New Jersey for a little while for business –and to visit my family &friends of course. So far since I’ve been back east, I’ve gotten to see all of my family and friends. My boyfriend, Sean, even… More »

Happy July 4th By Britney Spears

Since I’m not American, I thought as well to post something about this celebration, using my Goddess Britney Spears. In the past years she posed for some shooting with patriotic prints, clothes and flags. Happy July 4th to all US Buzzneter! Enjoy the gallery and tell me which is your fav shoot! 1998 – Todd… More »

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