Artist to Watch For - Diamond Days

Meet Diamond Days, an alternative rock band from Liverpool, England. This four-piece is creating quite the buzz overseas and it's about time North American music…
clarefitz Nov 14, 2014

Artist to Watch For - Wait For The Fall

Wait For The Fall are a pop-punk band from Birmingham, United Kingdom. These young pop-punkers are making a name for themselves across the pond and…
clarefitz Oct 14, 2014
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Free To Play! No Downloading ! Stormfall – Age of War

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Artist to Watch For - Anavae

Meet Anavae, an alternative-rock duo from London, England. This pair of talented musicians are showing the United Kingdom they've got enough talent to take them…
clarefitz Jul 31, 2014

Artist to Watch For - I Divide

Meet I Divide, a rock five-piece from Exeter, England. The band, who are currently making waves across the pond, are showing the rock world what…
clarefitz Jul 18, 2014

Artist To Watch For - Tell It Again

Meet Tell It Again, a female-fronted pop-punk five-piece from Manchester, England. The band's blend of pop-punk and post-hardcore is allowing them to make a name…
clarefitz Jul 01, 2014

Artist to Watch For - Young Guns

Meet Young Guns, an alternative-rock five-piece from Buckinghamshire, England. This band is building a loyal following over in the United Kingdom and it won't be…
clarefitz Jun 17, 2014

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protectiveeyesi58 May 31, 2014