Project 52: Week 3pic

Project 52: Week 3

I had absolutely no time or energy to take photos this week so this is a photo my dad took of me at a museum…
Feli Jan 20, 2014

Kids in glass houses // 3rd October 2013

Kids In Glass Houses are a  band that have been around for quite some time now.  I feel that they are definitely a band that…
nikkiandrewsxo Nov 16, 2013


I randomly pick up branches sometimes to use them as hiking sticks and pretend to be a hobbit on my way to Mordor - I'm…
Feli Nov 02, 2013
Schloss Knigs Wusterhausenpic

Schloss Königs Wusterhausen

Another shot from the day trip with my parents last week. This is the old castle in Königs Wusterhausen. There was a loud street next…
Feli Sep 27, 2013
Instagram Repostpic

Instagram Repost

because I'm lame like that. I LOVE this door. I had a short dentist appointment this morning to pick up my 5th aligner and a…
Feli Jul 12, 2013

I wish it was 2 weeks ago.

I wish it was 2 weeks ago so badly! when I was out with Julia and Rosa clubbing and having picnics in the sunshine.  Right now…
Amanda May 01, 2013
UK Fashion: The Rantvid

UK Fashion: The Rant

Brilliant Fashion rant!
krazula Mar 31, 2013
No More Baby Photos After This Onepic

No More Baby Photos After This One

I'm finally done with the 4th semester - and my 2nd year of university! I started my study focus which is Food Safety and Quality…
Feli Jan 29, 2013

Post-Christmas & January Blues.

Hello internet friends.. So it's 2013 and as usual I've been shit at keeping this blog.. whoops! But hey, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope everyone had an…
aimeemoriarty Jan 08, 2013
Happy Holidays!pic

Happy Holidays!

I posted a very similar photo on Instagram last week (feel free to follow me - my name is frvorragend). I spent some time at…
Feli Dec 17, 2012
Marc Nov 20, 2012
Beautiful Fridaypic

Beautiful Friday

I had the day off on Friday (as always). I had to get up early to go to the registration office and I wanted to…
Feli Oct 28, 2012
Roast dinnerpic

Roast dinner

Me and my flatmate Rosa had our first ever roast dinner in our new flat! I can't take any credit for the banquet as Rosa…
Amanda Oct 21, 2012