Fears vs. Dreamspic

Fears vs. Dreams

Fear: Letting anxiety get in the way of happiness Dream: To help other people find hope
twclexcjc Feb 06, 2014
Upper Dublin High School's TWLOHA Showcase!!pic

Upper Dublin High School's TWLOHA Showcase!!

UDHS's To Write Love on Her Arms November showcase! Biggest fear vs. Greatest Dream papers were handed out in every History class then hung up…
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Samantha Robinson
Samantha Robinson Dec 15, 2013
Spreading the love at all lunches!pic

Spreading the love at all lunches!

The Upper Dublin Storytellers went around to every student in school dring lunch before the pep rally and wrote love on their arms. 
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Samantha Robinson
Samantha Robinson Dec 14, 2013

Black Friday 10 Companies With A Cause

Hey Buzzneters,   Black Friday is this Friday & retailers are all on a race to rake in the cash by slashing prices so low people loose…
Faith Lorna
Faith Lorna Nov 25, 2013
Upper Dublin High School Stroytellers meeting 1pic

Upper Dublin High School Stroytellers meeting #1

Great meeting at UDHS after school today! We got so much done and the love, inspiration, and support is unbelievable! Can't wait for our second…
Samantha Robinson
Samantha Robinson Oct 22, 2013
Upper Dublin High School's fundraising thermometer!pic

Upper Dublin High School's fundraising thermometer!  #TheStorytellers
Samantha Robinson
Samantha Robinson Oct 20, 2013
The Story of Keltie Colleenvid

The Story of Keltie Colleen

Professional dancer Keltie Colleen came to Los Angeles by way of New York City and Northern Canada. Here she shares her story, which is one…

ATTENTION: On September 10th it's World Suicide Prevention Day.

I know what it feels like to loose someone out of the blue; it was considered accidental. My world was changed because I was never…
Kellie Bollaertt
Kellie Bollaertt Sep 07, 2013
Nazareth Academy- TWLOHA Daypic

Nazareth Academy- TWLOHA Day

We had a TWLOHA Day at Nazareth! The girls could wear certain colors as accessories to show their support for mental health issues. We sold…
esylarur Apr 29, 2013


Self-harm it serious and dangerous problem. Often it touches kids, teenagers, prisoners or people struggling with eating disorders, depression etc Overcome isn’t easy but always…
Forbidden Apr 07, 2013
Chick-fil-A Fundraiser 1: Nazareth Academypic

Chick-fil-A Fundraiser #1: Nazareth Academy

The fundraiser at Chick-fil-A was super successful- not only in the money it raised, but the conversations it led to. I had people coming up…
esylarur Feb 23, 2013
Please Stay Alive Scoop Sweatshirtpic

Please Stay Alive Scoop Sweatshirt

I've always been an avid supporter of To Write Love On Her Arms, also known as TWLOHA. This adorable sweatshirt sells for $30, and the…
mariahmichaud2013 Jan 26, 2013 Originally by concertcrasher
Ask Ashleevid

Ask Ashlee

Hey you guys! So.... I was watching some 90s throw back videos and I got an idea while watching 'All That'. I decided that I…
Ashlee Holmes
Ashlee Holmes Nov 20, 2012

Give Back To The Community And "Wear Your Music"!

This is pretty awesome!  I checked out this website, and I honestly can't wait to order my bracelet.  Great cause, and totally worth your…
elmcneill Nov 07, 2012

Fears vs. Dreams 10/18

Today the Fears vs. Dreams event had an excellent turnout! I noticed many people wearing black and white and tons of people flooded to the…
thestorytellersforjb Oct 18, 2012