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How to Cute/Style Long Bangs

Hey guys!


Brigette Bardot Inspired Hair

Hey Guys! I have been getting a ton of questions on how I have been doing my hair the last couple days, it is new to me but I love it! It is so big, voluminous, and pretty haha! It is inspired by Brigette Bardot, I have these weirdly growing out front bangs, and this… More »

Topaz Bronze Makeup Tutorial

Hey Beauties, Today I am doing a Topaz Bronze Makeup Tutorial. This is how I have been wearing my makeup recently and I have gotten a lot of people asking me to do a tutorial, so here it is! I am using the Lorac Topaz Bronze palette from Ulta. This is a great makeup look… More »

Samii Ryan: Double Braided Hair Headband

Hey Beauties! Today I decided to do this fun boho tutorial on how to do a double braided hair headband. The fun thing about this is that you create the look with your own hair! I have lighter hair on the bottom so it looks funny, but still cool! haha I think girls with all… More »

Samii Ryan: DIY Pastel Hair Chalking

Hey Loves! So yesterday morning I was browsing the internet and came across the blog “The Fabulous Stains” They posted the cutest video on hair chalking, I was so inspired and decided to try it out on myself. I loveed it!! think it is such an amazing idea, and I had to share it with… More »

Dusk to Dawn Makeup Tutorial

Hey Loves, This is a makeup tutorial that I learned how to do from my Smashbox palette “Click Your It”. In this palette they give you about 6 guides to show you how you can do your eyeshadow. This one inparticular stuck out to me, and I love it! It is a maroon,pink, and rosey… More »

Makeup Tutorial

I’ve been kinda obsessed with this super colorful eye make up. Did it on half of the Zero Gravity promo shots of which some you have seen and some not (can’t wait to share!) so I thought it’s a good time for a simple tutorial. All you need is some colorful eye shadows and some… More »

Kim Kardashian Crown French Braid

Hey Loves! Today’s tutorial is inspired by Kim Kardashian’s crown french braid. I think this look is really good for people growing out there bangs, and also for people with extensions (like myself) who have layers in front that are shorter then the actual extensions. What you will need for this look is: bobby pins,… More »

Samii Ryan: How to Stud Clothing

Hey Loves! This is a super fun and easy tutorial showing you how you can stud your clothing. This was inspired by my jacket that I studded and got sooo many good compliments on it! SO I thought I would share the magic and enjoyment I had with all of you! You can buy these… More »

How to Wear Collared Shirts//Layering

Hey Loves! Layering is super cute and keeps you fashionably warm in the fall/winter! This is a video explaining how you can wear collared shirts with simples tee’s, sweaters, pull overs, and even how guys can wear them! I love layering because you can create a whole new look just by adding a collar underneath… More »

Samii Ryan: Favorite Beauty Products

Hey Loves! Many of you know I adore everything hair and makeup! So I decided to put a video together on my all time favorite beauty products. They include some awesome brow pencils, eyeshadows, highlighter, foundation & MORE! Sneek a peak at the gallery to see the full list of products. I deff recommend all… More »

Samii Ryan: Hipster Hair for Men

Hipster hair is a huge trend. Especially for guys! Let’s get all James Dean on you. Well it is basically a take on a classic hair cut, but mondernized. My friend Mike from True Sons takes you through a step by step way to cut your hair for this look. Josh shows you how you… More »

Samii Ryan Tutorial: How to Straighten Hair

Hey Guys! This is a tutorial on how you can straighten your hair. I know what your thinking, why is she doing a tutorial on straightening hair? Well when I was 15 I used to iron my hair with an actual IRON. Therefore I fried my hair a lot when I was younger. In this… More »

Samii Ryan: Taylor Momsen Smokey Eye

Hey Beauties, This is a tutorial showing you how to achieve the signature Taylor Momsen smokey eye. She is really known for her racoon looking black black eye shadow and nude lips. This is an easy tutorial to accomplish! I would wear this look maybe a night out on the town.. Super gothy cute! Check… More »

Samii Ryan: Mary Kate Olsen Smokey Eye

Hey Beauties! Today’s tutorial is how to accomplish Mary Kate Olsen’s signature smokey eye. She tends to use a lot of browns in her eye makeup. So this tutorial is very inspired by MK. I used a loose brown shadow by NYX to achieve the grungy smokey eye. I also applied some liquid & regular… More »

Jessica Simpson Tutorial: Braided Low Bun

Hey Beauties,This look is inspired by Jessica Simpson’s classy chic low bun. This tutorial shows you how to achieve this look in a simple/classy/fun way. This look is super easy to accomplish so keep watching to learn how!I am wearing the 4 Red Earring from www.bysamiiryan.com xx Cheers

Samii Ryan Tutorial: How YOU Can Wear Hats

Hey Guys! This is a small video on how many ways you can wear hats. I have a TON of hats, they are such a great accessory to tie together any outfit. Most of them are from H&M, you can get great beanies on Ebay or Target. Also turbans you can get on Ebay! Don’t… More »

Samii Ryan Tutorial: Top Knot

Top Knots are notorious for being the lazy girl hair style. I wear them ALL the time, I can go messy one day, but sophisticated another day. Today’s tutorial is how to do a sophisticated top knot,it is super easy, and looks awesome finished! Check out my video below: xx Cheers PS (I am wearing… More »

Sephora Presents Tarina Tarantino: Smokey Evening Look Tutorial

I’ve been a huge fan of Tarina Tarantino’s jewelry and cosmetics for quite some time now, so I was super excited when I stumbled across this smokey eye…

Samii Ryan Tutorial: Everyday Waves

Hey Guys, This is a small tutorial on how I get my everyday waves. I used a 2inch barrel Conair curling iron from Walmart, but I took out the springs and made it into a curling wand. After I am done curling I apply some Aquanet and I am ready to hit the road! xx… More »