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So, among the feeds I follow is MTV’s Splash Page, which is entirely related to comic book and comic book movie related news.  It’s how I keep up with stuff like Mikey Way’s comic…

Katy Perry Also Likes Baked Goods

So, we all know that Gym Class Heroes frontman Travis McCoy really likes cookies, but what about his girlfriend, pop star Katy Perry?  After all,…

Shocking News: We Found One Place Katy Perry Won’t Go

Katy Perry has gained a reputation as a girl-kissing, romper wearing, do-anything-for-attention sort of girl.  But she has confessed there’s one thing she won’t be doing in the near future: collaborating…

Katy Perry: Your Next WWE Women’s Champion?

Well, mostly I’m trying to stay on topic after Friday’s reveal that Fall Out Boy is channeling the WWF/E (for those of you unaware: copyright law forced the World Wrestling Federation to change their…

Taking Apart “The Quilt” by Gym Class Heroes

So, for the longest time there was this belief that artists needed to be depressed and addicted in order to strengthen their art.  Especially musicians.

Travis McCoy and the rest of the <a style="font-weight: bold;"…

Warped ’08: Travis McCoy says, ‘I made a boo boo yesterday…’

But it’s not what you think. Ha.

Tyga on the Red Carpet at the ‘Hills’ Season Finale

We caught up with Tyga on the red carpet at the “Hills” season finale on Monday night, and had lots to say about his plans for No Introduction‘s second single, why his album is like potato chips and what recent advice his cuz Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes gave him. Read more here.

Tyga ft. Travis McCoy “Coconut Juice”

Great song, awesome video. Features appearances by Lil’ Wayne and Pete Wentz. Anyone who can get me a .gif of Pete raising the roof will earn my undying gratitude.

Gym Class Heroes ‘Cast’ Guests on New Album


Gym Class Heroes have been tossing our breadcrumbs about their upcoming LP, The Quilt, to get you stoked on it. The latest details reveal some of the…

The Pop Culture Death Note

So, I heard a rumor that, despite the recent positive reviews of Pretty.  Odd.,  things in Panic at the Disco are actually Pretty.  Tense.  I’m not going to say the band is on…

Response to Travis McCoy’s Blog: Baby, You’re Amazing

So this morning I read this post in Travis McCoy’s public blog on the internet.

And though he’ll never read this blog or see it, I wanted to wish him so much good will in…

Gym Class Heroes sew up LP title


Gym Class Heroes have titled their upcoming album “The Quilt” and Travis McCoy gives you a little taste of what’s to come with a…

Travis McCoy defends Tyga

Earlier this year, rapper Tyga got signed to Decaydance records, and, as it often goes on the internet, sh*t-talking began. I haven’t personally witnessed this haterade, but Tyga’s cousin<span style="font-weight:…

Gabe and I Ask Travis the Tough Questions

If you’re wondering who that girl with the melodious voice (NOT!) is interviewing Travis before Gabe show up…..IT’S ME!!! Had so much fun hanging out with Gabe on the red carpet. Watch out Barbara Walters!!

Gym Class Victims

In case you missed it, Gym Class Heroes posted about having their phone stolen during their MTV Spring Break– but that’s not the funny part (because getting your sh* stolen really sucks)– the thief started…

Travie McCoy

The New York Times heart Gym Class

I was kind of put off by the link that lead me to this article (“Emo Hip Hop”) but it’s not dissing Gym Class Heroes by any madradjessicaIt talks about how “Cupid’s Chokehold” hit…

Travis and William

this is soo cute!

Cobra Starship (LIVE) Snakes on a Plane

Travis Mccoy’s part of the song… @ Chain Reaction 10/7/06

Travis vs. Justin Timberlake

Travis from Gym Class Heroes explains that it’s “already been brought-en” @ Chain Reaction 10/7/06

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