Time Polls

Fashion accessory or timley reminder?

I want to know, do people still use watches to tell time? Or do you use them as a fashion accessory!? It is a trend…
natalieclaire May 18, 2011

What All Time Low song is your fave?

The title says it all.
alltimelowfannumba1 Sep 04, 2009

Which band would you pick to headline your OWN summer tour?

With all these fantastic summer tours going on, which band would you pick to headline your own summer tour of fantasticness?! and just for the record…
Dancing Ann.
Dancing Ann. Jun 08, 2009

Best All time low cd?

eh pretty self explanatory, which of the following from all time low is the best?
sowrongitslaura731 Jun 05, 2009

Fan video for all time low title

i'm making a video for all time low involving their fans because i want to show them their fans don't all suck, if you wanna…

Who's your favorite member of All Time Low?

Alex, you inspired this one when you asked The Maine this.
n0thiingxpers0nal Apr 12, 2009

What is the best All Time Low song?

I love All Time Low so much , i just can't decide what song . So this may help me .
naunie1993 Aug 01, 2008