The Showdown

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The Showdown.

They are awesome! Check them out! Their new album "Back Breaker" out now!!! =D
krazykatieiskrazy Sep 13, 2008
David Bunton - The Showdownpic

David Bunton - The Showdown

The First thing i have made, I know it looks kinda lame. But i love The Showdown. =]
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The Showdown

Playing at Ozzfest in New Mexico
invisible42day Jul 29, 2007

Feel The Temptation of The Showdown

Tennessee metalheads The Showdown are gearing up for their trek on this summer's Ozzfest.Their newest release, Temptation Come My Way, has been out since February…
djrossstar Jun 15, 2007

"Temptation Come My Way" by The Showdown

Another of my new fave bands and my fave song by them........   "TEMPTATION COME MY WAY" I’m tornAnd ripped in temptations wakeI’ve livedHalf a life I’m desires…
tabbyBLINK Jun 09, 2007
The Showdown....pic

The Showdown....

Yet another one of my new fave bands....
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tabbyBLINK Jun 09, 2007