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Nick Santino and Jermaine Sainvid

Nick Santino and Jermaine Sain

Nick Santino started A Rocket to the Moon in the summer of 2006 as a musical experiment. In early 2008 he assembled a band of…
whenwespeaktv Nov 23, 2014

Exclusive Interview: Pop Punk Powerhouse THE HOUSE UNITED

Someone better call 911 because Nashville pop punkers, The House United, are about to explode in your face! POW!! Featuring the exceptional talents of 16-year old singer/songwriter/keyboardist…
Rob Evanoff
Rob Evanoff Oct 28, 2014

Have You Heard!?: The Technicolors Joins The 8123 Family.

Last night, our good friends at The Maine announced via their social media that they now have a new member at their beloved 8123 family…
Naty Oct 17, 2014

THE HOUSE UNITED Are Made Of Matches & Ready To Set Your Heart On Fire

Can somebody please CALL's an E M E R G E N C heart is on fire and I'm made of matches. Spreading like a…
Rob Evanoff
Rob Evanoff Oct 16, 2014

Acoustic Vibes: Into Your Arms by The Maine

To me, there's nothing more fascinating than an acoustic version of whatever song you love. I think there's some kind of vibe that allows you…
Naty Sep 08, 2014
The Maine Nick Santino Show Off Their Warped Tour Busvid

The Maine & Nick Santino Show Off Their Warped Tour Bus

We just posted a brand new episode of Bus Invaders featuring John O’Callaghan, from The Maine, and Nick Santino (ex- A Rocket To The Moon), taking…
digitaltourbus Aug 22, 2014
WATCH: The Maine Release Run Music Video.vid

WATCH: The Maine Release "Run" Music Video.

After revealing the teaser trailer a couple days ago, the wait is finally over. The Maine premieres their new music video on their official youtube…
Naty Aug 11, 2014

The Maine Says "Farewell, Forever Halloween" With 4 Headlining Shows!

On June 4th 2013, The Maine independently released what's their fourth studio album titled Forever Halloween. All of their albums are real good, but so far…
Naty Aug 02, 2014

Life Through Meghan: The Bad & The Better

HELLO! I know I haven't really been consitant with posting here this summer. I've been busier than I thought I would be, with work going…

From Indian Lakes Release New Video And Album!

From Indian Lakes, an indie rock band who has toured with the likes of Anberlin, The Dangerous Summer, Lydia, and The Maine, has released a dreamy…
franki teevan
franki teevan Jul 16, 2014
Show Us Your Good Side: Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirenspic

The Warped Tour Experience: 2014

Hey guys! So you'll notice I took a break from my London photos, which I haven't finished editing yet, my gosh I'm so slow, to…
izshkabobula Jul 07, 2014

Vans Warped Tour 2014

Yesterday was the day I went to Warped Tour for the 4th year( i think) and let me tell you it was honestly the best…
reallygreg Jul 07, 2014
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