The Maine

From Indian Lakes Release New Video And Album!

From Indian Lakes, an indie rock band who has toured with the likes of Anberlin, The Dangerous Summer, Lydia, and The Maine, has released a dreamy…
franki teevan
franki teevan Jul 16, 2014
Show Us Your Good Side: Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirenspic

The Warped Tour Experience: 2014

Hey guys! So you'll notice I took a break from my London photos, which I haven't finished editing yet, my gosh I'm so slow, to…
izshkabobula Jul 07, 2014

Vans Warped Tour 2014

Yesterday was the day I went to Warped Tour for the 4th year( i think) and let me tell you it was honestly the best…
reallygreg Jul 07, 2014
The Mainepic

The Maine

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izshkabobula Jul 06, 2014

Warped Tour Playlist!

It was impossible for me to get the Warped Tour in the USA this year, between living in the wilds of Wales and not being…
thelifeofelfie Jun 18, 2014
The Mainepic

The Maine

The Maine have come a very long way since their last Warped tour. Their latest album Forever Halloween is now a year old, but every…
stonecoldradio Jun 15, 2014

Vans Warped Tour 2014 - 10 Bands You NEED to See

This year's kick-off to the Vans Warped Tour is less than a month away. With 100+ bands announced to be playing the summer's biggest tour…
clarefitz May 23, 2014

Just Announced: Deluxe Edition of Forever Halloween by The Maine

Mark your calendars all you The Maine fans out there, because you might be getting new music soon...YES! You did read well, The Maine just…
Naty May 15, 2014

Throwback Thursday: WIN A Vintage The Maine Autographed Photo!

Here at Buzznet, we find hidden or long forgotten treasures hiding in drawers, boxes or cubbies on the regular. We recently came across this insanely…

Eagles in Drag EP drops

8123 an Arizona based record company created by The Maine welcomed Eagles in Drag on board their small but incredible family.  Eagles in Drag has…
alexandrahintz Mar 25, 2014
The Strokes: ANGLESpic
Exclusive: The Maine At Landscape Rockshop Videovid

Exclusive: The Maine At Landscape Rockshop Video

Arizonia band The Maine were in Paris on November 18th 2013 for a show, and stopped at Landscape Rockshop for an instore signing. I was allowed to…
EdIsAGenius Feb 23, 2014

The Maine Exposure!

Coming from Tempe, Arizona, The Maine is an American rock band that was formed in the 21st of January year 2007. The band’s first ever…
punkpedia Feb 13, 2014