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Hair Loss Treatment Premature Hair Loss Solutions Hairdressing

It's a couple weeks before you might want to recolor hair and the color has faded and lost it's vibrancy, what are you able to…
botanyjet41 Mar 04, 2014

Oryginalna ściana

Jeśli chcemy, żeby nasze mieszkanie wyglądało ładnie i estetycznie należy zainwestować wallpaper czyli tapetę. W naszym kraju nie ma zbyt dużego wyboru takiego asortymentu, dlatego…
art6 Sep 15, 2013

Fairy Tales in Minimalist Version

Imagine the biggest fairy tales stories  with a minimalist poster, where only those who know the story can discover the subliminal message. It was recalling the childhood…
Tarick Haziz
Tarick Haziz Nov 26, 2012

Madewell Jewelry!

I had a credit at Madewell, so I bought myself a couple pieces of jewelry! I got this awesome wrapped bracelet: I love how the colors are…
sydneykatherine Apr 26, 2012