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How Personalised Teddy Bear Gifts Are Made

The method for producing your Personalised Teddy Bear isn't a simple one and is also a combination of our work as well as your input…
glider3node Dec 02, 2014

How Personalised Teddy Bear Gifts Are created

The process for creating your Personalised Stuffed bear is very little simple one and it is a mixture of our work along with your input…
bikeuncle97 Dec 02, 2014

#BuzzneterLife: This Is Me

Let me show you something. I'm a shy girl but sometimes I need to say a loud about my life. And I thought about showing…
Forbidden Apr 17, 2014

Grey's Anatomy Recap: "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

I know you're probably wondering, "WHY IS THIS GIRL WRITING A RECAP ON GREY'S ANATOMY? I mean like who watches that anymore?" But honey, this show…
Naz Buzz
Naz Buzz Apr 05, 2012

Fun Summer Purchases

So these are a bunch of things I bought this summer for relatively cheap  All of the above was purchased at a thrift store, all of this…
nikkiwhite042 Sep 05, 2010

A Melody Softly Soaring Through My Atmosphere

"hello flordia!!" i shouted as i stepped off the bus and slipped on my sunglasses. I hadnt figured out what was bothering teddy, but i was sure…

A Melody Softly Soaring Through My Atmosphere :)

Chapter 3 ......................... I opened my eyes slowly and looked around me. The first thing i noticed, was laying on teddys bare chest, he always takes his shirt off in…

Won't You Be My Teddybear?

The good thing about working with kids is getting paid to sit around all day, doing kids stuff.  And being way better at it than…
jayherself Jul 14, 2008


nbsp;               Ii   I know your under my bed waiting for me   to lay down I can here you laughing. I cry from the wounds you gave me…
mytra May 25, 2008

This Made my Year!

To not get on the bad side of my very good friend Teiliterrortake these few simple steps 1.Don't Be Jarrad Jasinski2.Don'h try get between me and…
kywie Feb 24, 2008


are bad. the boy i like does them. like very day or something. shit, life sucks because i like him a lotttttt. i'm getting over…

So F-ing sad!!

OK  SO  LAST  NIGHT  WE  DECIDED  TO  GET  RID  OF  OUR  DOG  TEDDY.  HIM  AND  MY  BABY  JACK  (Jack is a dog not a real baby) …
xotashaxo Jan 19, 2007