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Evan Peters

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Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Oct 13, 2014

HOT or NOT? Lady Gaga Gets HUGE Monster Claw Tattoo

WOW, Lady Gaga got a HUGE new tattoo.  She shared the process on her Instagram captioning, "Monster4Life". The tat is a "monster claw" symbolizing her connection…


I hope you not totally bored with my On The Road blogs. Living in an area with lot's going on around you leads to maybe…
BIZARRELAND Oct 02, 2014
30 Tattoos For Coffee Addictspic
30 Tattoos For Coffee Addictspic
The Many Faces Of: Lindsay Lohanpic

So.....Drake Got An Emoji Tattoo

Well, it looks like Drake got an emoji tattoo. Very interesting choice for the 27-year-old rapper who chose to tattoo the praying hands emoji on his…
Callina Marie
Callina Marie Sep 26, 2014
TattTuesday: The Best Nicki Minaj Tattoospic


Fazia tempo que eu não pegava minha camera pra tirar umas fotos ^^ Agora tenho fotinhas pra atualizar. :P  
Nanda Viana
Nanda Viana Sep 20, 2014
Oi, voltei!pic

Oi, voltei!

Atualizando depois de muuuuuito tempo. =x xD
Nanda Viana
Nanda Viana Sep 19, 2014

Current Obsession : Beauty Marks

So I recently discovered BEAUTY MARKS by this amazing lady called MR. KATE - Ican't get over how fun thy are- basically they are your…
licari Sep 18, 2014
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30 Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs And The Meaning Behind Thempic
New Tattoo!pic

New Tattoo!

Got this Front Bottoms inspired mandala tat at Talulah Tattoo in Kenosha by Kelli yesterday.
Rhianna Sep 10, 2014