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Synyster Gates with Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivanpic
Michelle, Brian and Jimmy and Leanapic
Synyster Gatespic
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manicfame Jan 02, 2012
Avenged Sevenfoldpic
Avenged Sevenfold
Avenged Sevenfold Dec 31, 2011 Originally by xanderdeccio
Avenged Sevenfoldpic
January 20, 2011pic

January 20, 2011

Avenged Sevenfold announced on January 21 that Arin Ilejay (second to left) would be the new drummer for the band. Mike Portnoy played with Avenged…
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Brian, Jimmy, and Zacky 2004pic

Brian, Jimmy, and Zacky 2004

Brian, Jimmy, and Zacky being photographed while they made a pit stop on the road during a tour in 2004.
ellamarco Dec 07, 2011 Originally by clarissabrucato
deathbatprincess Nov 03, 2011
Zacky and Syn Rock on the Rangepic

Zacky and Syn @ Rock on the Range

I'm bringing this photo back because I was thinking about how amazing this experience was. It was my sixth time seeing Avenged Sevenfold and my…
Brian and Mattpic

Brian and Matt

soooo hott!! even if ti's been photoshopped!!
xogerardine Sep 12, 2011 Originally by almostxeasy
M. Shadowspic

M. Shadows

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jamieleejohnston Sep 01, 2011
Zacky Synpic