Buzznet's 10 Most Prolific Users of 2007pic

Buzznet's 10 Most Prolific Users of 2007

8) Stumplover2384 Patrick Stump is a man to inspire high-volume devotion, and a mass of evidence of Patrick's appeal has been compiled by Stumplover2384. Woohooo! Yeah Barbra!!…
proub2bblonde Jan 01, 2008
Patrick's Gorgeous...Everythingpic

Patrick's Gorgeous...Everything

for Babs taken by me on May 31,2007 at the Honda Civic Tour
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Open Happiness
Open Happiness Dec 06, 2007

Song Dedication - Day 4

I recently posted a video of this song and I think it is perfect for today's dedication.  This one is going out to Barb, Stumplover2384. …
Crash Nov 25, 2007
The Part Of Patrick That Makes Girls Swoonvid

The Part Of Patrick That Makes Girls Swoon

This fantastic slideshow was made by Stumplover2384 (thanks Barb!)
taker1 Oct 31, 2007

fanfic update

hey guys. sorry that the way she feels is taking so long. i just am having really bad writer's block and it won't go away…
christilove Oct 29, 2007
We Love Patrick Martin Stumpvid

We Love Patrick Martin Stump

A video made by stumplover2384. I think it says exactly what every female Trick fan felt the second we heard his girlfriends name!
taker1 Oct 28, 2007

10 Celebrity Crushes

1. You post your top 10 fantasy guys/girls.2. You tag 10 people.3. You CANNOT tag someone who has already been tagged.4. You have to let…