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Katy Perry Goes Goth: Hot or Not?

Katy Perry is known for changing up her style a lot. But recently she changed up it totally by going goth at the NARM Music Awards. Remember her bubble goth outfit at the KCAs? Well, this is pretty much the opposite of that. She is sporting a black striped gown with sheer detailing. She tops… More »

Strawberries, Studs, Bleach

Hey Loves! I have been pretty busy the past couple days and I have been really working on items for my vintage store. I still have adorable blouses up for sale! So deff go check them out! SO I have been reconstructing high waisted shorts, bleaching them, dyeing them, and of course studding the hell… More »

Pink Lady

Today’s Attire

Blouse: Apparenza (Buy it HERE)

Vest: Aeropostale (reconstructed)


Samii Ryan: How to Stud Clothing

Hey Loves! This is a super fun and easy tutorial showing you how you can stud your clothing. This was inspired by my jacket that I studded and got sooo many good compliments on it! SO I thought I would share the magic and enjoyment I had with all of you! You can buy these… More »

Girls LOVE studs ;)

I just created this studded mini skirt! It’s part of my new street wear collection Hope you LOVE it, let me know (: What do you think of the stud trend? It’s all over shoes,bags,phone covers,and clothing I personally think it is a classic and will be timeless DO YOU rock studs? XOXO Jazmin Whitley… More »


I came across Ben-Amun this morning on ideeli, and actually, legitimately fell in love with jewelry. I don’t know which pieces to buy first! I guess I have to buy them all…right after…

13 Ways to Spike and Stud Up Your Wardrobe

When it comes to spikes and studs, my thoughts are: the more, the merrier. Here are 13 items so full of hardware they should be called Home Depot.

Heels are my best friends

Yesterday I went to shopping with my mum and I bought this fantastic heels to only 20€ (less of 27$), in those past weeks I always looked them and I didn’t decide to…

Christian Louboutin Sneakers… Amazing

What I would do for a pair of these bad boys!

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