12 Sayings Every Woman Should Live By

Ever find yourself lost, not knowing how to be classy or glamourous in a situation? Here are 20 sayings you should Live by, to have…
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Banderole materiel graphique publicitaire - Toute notre attention est dapporter des nouveaux supports de communication a nos clients pour leur permettre de mieux communiquer. Nous recherchons aussi a baisser nos…
banderole3 Jul 18, 2011
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Crown Regency Hotels & Resorts

Crown Regency Hotels & Resorts understand the finer points of hospitality and luxury. It is dedicated to perfecting the travel experience through continual innovation and the…
crownregency Apr 10, 2011

Who do you think you are?

Look at these images: Which one is the scene kid? (Yes, I am aware that the girl on the left is me, I'm not claiming…

Radiant & Distorted Lights.

Tonight I realized (only for the hundredth time,) that it is so impossible to catch up, yet so easy to fall behind.  After a VBS…
jennijackknife Jun 26, 2008

Supermarkets accused over organic foods

Another article from the Guardian, this time on organic foods. Gotta be careful who you trust I guess - just because something says it's organic has never…
mnone Oct 05, 2006
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karen Oct 12, 2004