Storming Blue Blazespic

Storming Blue Blazes

I have used this title before, but it once again applies!  I have NO idea how it came to be, but up here in the…
CANDLE Jan 24, 2014
Week 52pic

Week 52

Again sorry for putting this off :P I end the year with a selfie of how I look as a 20 year old. I've got…
Goose Girl
Goose Girl Jan 10, 2014
Stay Warm By A Firepic


This is what we get on March 19th!  I want real spring!  It has been snowing and blowing for 2 days!  It is going to…
CANDLE Mar 19, 2013
Calm After The Stormpic

Calm After The Storm

Well, the roads up here were TERRIBLE today after the storm!  They were a sheet of ice where the plows had scraped the snow off…
CANDLE Jan 31, 2013
Blue Blazespic

Blue Blazes

We have a strange saying up here!  It goes like this, "It is storming blue blazes!"  Well it is!  We are in the beginning of…
CANDLE Jan 30, 2013

Two Day Snowstorm

As you all know, we had a major snowstorm on Thursday and Friday!  I went out after it was over and got a few shots…
CANDLE Dec 23, 2012
The Storm Moving Inpic

The Storm Moving In

This was taken this morning at about 9am!  I tried to catch the snowflakes, and I kind of did !  They are the little smears…
CANDLE Dec 20, 2012
And So It Beginspic

And So It Begins

We started getting the crazy winds last night!  This morning we woke up to snow on the ground and it coming down like crazy!  Tonight…
CANDLE Oct 30, 2012
Choke Cherry Treepic

Choke Cherry Tree

This tree is usually about nine feet tall ! With all that snow I could almost see the top and I am  short!  I hope…
CANDLE Mar 09, 2012
My Carpic

My Car

This was my van before I began the business of digging it out! (:
CANDLE Mar 05, 2012
In Like A Lionpic

In Like A Lion

Well March is coming in like a lion up here in Northern Michigan!  We are getting our 3rd snowstorm in a week!  This one is…
CANDLE Mar 02, 2012
Snow Daypic

Snow Day

We got quite the nasty storm this morning!  It quieted down for a few hours in the afternoon, and then started in again with sleet…
CANDLE Feb 29, 2012


ok so i had UGGs right... not cuz they are pretty but because the are warm... anyways THE FUCKING RIPPED ON MONDAY! oh and did…
Antigoni Feb 05, 2011


Hundreds of Canadian geese found a respite in a Riner, VA, cornfield, during a snow-squal. It was an unusual citing.
ais01 Jan 08, 2011