William Beckett To Perform At the Snakes & Suits Holiday Show

Have you been pining since the break-up of The Academy Is...?  Lounging on fainting couches and wondering how you'll continue on without TAI... in your…
Ashly Nov 29, 2011
Create New, Destroy Oldpic

Create New, Destroy Old

The party I went to had free face painting. I asked them to imitate William Beckett's Snakes and Suits tattoo and this is how it…
what!thehockey Jun 28, 2009
Aww the Beckett smile!!pic

Aww the Beckett smile!!

Screen Shoot I made from of TAI TV Episode 18 "TAI checks in from around the country"!! Enjoy!!
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gabelicious Oct 01, 2008
Kicks Of Passionpic

Kicks Of Passion

The New Album from Powerspace coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!