Pregnant? Please stop smokingvid

Pregnant? Please stop smoking

Love letter to all pregnant women urging them not to smoke. based on Center for Disease Control reports. Share it with someone you love.Produced by…
delsworld Mar 31, 2014

10 possible Leads To of the Weight Problems Epidemic

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nycoreentobacco34 Feb 19, 2014

New study: Smoking could cause Alzheimers as well as dementia

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nyilianatobacco17 Feb 19, 2014

Cigarette Smoking Addiction throughout Teens

Howdy everyone I've been studying electronic cigarettes on the net as of late and it?s truly interesting information. I ran across this content below today. I…
nycliffcartomiser54 Feb 17, 2014

Effects associated with Cigarette Smoking on Teen's Health

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nycoreentobacco34 Feb 16, 2014

Acupuncture Quit Smoking Therapy

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nycliffcartomiser54 Feb 15, 2014

Quit Smoking And Get Your State Of Health Back again Using These Easy Suggestions

There are many reasons that individuals state his or her cause to prevent cigarette smoking. Once you decide to avoid cigarette smoking, it may help…
vape5327 Dec 01, 2013
Save Our Kids From Nicotine Smokevid

Save Our Kids From Nicotine Smoke

Smoking should be stopped because of its dangerous smoke that can put our life at risk. This must be stopped and the only thing that…
rachealrower Nov 20, 2013
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georgiajinxx Nov 14, 2013
Let's Stop Second-Hand Smoke To Childrenvid

Let's Stop Second-Hand Smoke To Children

Quitting can be too hard. But you need to think wisely. You can actually destroy the life of an individual just because of your tobacco…
felixkramer0 Nov 12, 2013

Improve Your Health And Electronic Cigarettes Right Now With This Solid Advice

While many people who smoke realize that smoking cigarettes is actually a risky and bad exercise, many of them are not able to stop properly…
betodd52 Nov 03, 2013
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