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Optimus Prime: Transformers Song Out TakesBloopersvid

Optimus Prime: Transformers Song (Out Takes/Bloopers)

A short collection of audio clips from the Optimus Prime Song of me messing up on the lyrics.. As I do :D   Song Professionally Blundered By…
shaneb Jul 20, 2014
Happy Birthday Sisvid

Happy Birthday Sis

Sometime's you just have to sing your heart out for your #sister on her #birthday...   Edited, Filmed, Written, Recorded, & Performed by: Shane Blair
shaneb Jul 05, 2014
Il Duce Boondock Siants Songvid

Il Duce (Boondock Siants Song)

A tribute to one the most badass cult classics around for none other than a badass character himself.. In Nomine Patris, et Fili, et Spiritus…
shaneb Jun 22, 2014
Glass House Waiting For Youvid

Glass House "Waiting For You"

official music video "Waiting For You" by Glass House - Glass House Muisc Dot Org
rivevideo Apr 24, 2014
Vance Bianco - Showin Off Ft. Noonz Da Goon Lyric Video video FREE Download linkvid

Vance Bianco - Showin Off Ft. Noonz Da Goon Lyric Video (video) + FREE Download link~

This is the 2nd single off my 'Love Music' album!   ****Like it? DOWNLOAD IT FREE HERE****    Thank you to all the amazing people who helped on…
Vance Bianco
Vance Bianco Mar 19, 2014