Elle Fanning Stars In Sigur Rós Short Film

Elle Fanning recently starred in a Sigur Rós short film as a distraught ballerina who has a complicated relationship with her father. Directed by Floria…
Jnsi - Sacrum Profanumpic

Jónsi - Sacrum Profanum

Amazing experience. Beautiful show. Arrangements and visualizations were wonderful (my favourites were wolves and snowstorm). Lights... powerful. Costumes... I'm in love with them. I'm planning…
almondalley Sep 19, 2010
Sigur Ros, 'Gobbledigook' - Free MP3 of the Daypic

Sigur Ros, 'Gobbledigook' - Free MP3 of the Day

Filed under: MP3, New Music, Holy Hell, Free MP3 of the Artist: Sigur Rós Songs: 'Gobbledigook'Album: 'Gobbledigook' [iTunes]Sounds Like: Mum, RadioheadDownload: 'Gobbledigook' (MP3)[Get Winamp]…
musicblogs May 29, 2008
Water Musicvid
Sigurrs - Hopppollavid