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Celebs With Perfectly Pink V-Day Hair

In six short days, the entire universe will explode into a beautiful rainbow of heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, long-stemmed roses, and overpriced prix fixe dinner menus. Before you throw in the towel and attempt to boycott Valentine’s Day so you can watch eight straight hours of Winter Olympics coverage, try to turn off your shade and… More »

#FBF 10 Bitter Hollywood Break-Ups That Rocked Hollywood

TGIF! As another Friday rolls through the universe, let’s flashback to the Hollywood couples of yesterday. When you’re in the spotlight, your dating life becomes very interesting to the peanut gallery. If you’re famous and date another famous person, the world is just watching and gushing (and judging) and waiting to see how it all… More »

#FBF – 10 Hollywood Couples We Forgot Were A Thing

In our mega-celebrity obsessed culture, we kind of sort of know (or want to know) who all our favorite actors and musicians are shacking up with. Once the romance dies, these IT couples just fade away into our memories. On this Flashback Friday, let’s reflect on some Hollywood couples we forgot were a thing. 1…. More »

Weird Costume Mandatory: Celebs Party In London For AnOther Party

It kind of seems like all the fun things ever are happening in London right now. Can I go to there? Last night was no exception as the UK’s finest glitterati flocked to the 25th anniversary party of AnOther Magazine. Everyone from 1D’s Harry Styles to the reigning queen of party, Kate Moss was there…. More »

BACK OFF OUR MAN: Sienna Miller Seduces Harry Styles At London Fashion Week

Let us start off by talking about how dangerously gorgeous Harry Styles looked at the Burberry show during London Fashion week the other day. He’s like if Mick Jagger mated with Marlon Brando but also inherited the royal class of JFK Jr. HIS COIFFED HAIR and leather booties are just simply too much to handle…. More »

Why Does Sienna Miller Look Like Her Baby Daddy’s Mom?

Firstly, I would like to state that I think Sienna Miller is super beautiful and pretty much a style icon at this point but her BF and baby daddy’s homeless…

Stars Who Had Miley’s Haircut First

When Miley Cyrus chopped off her hair and bleached it blonde, it was huge news. It certainly was a departure from the starlet’s old look. Recently Miley tweeted about how she started a trend with her new ‘do, saying “do u know how many bitches walking round with my hurrrr cut? if it was inspired… More »

What They Wore: Moet & Chandon Etoile Gala Ceremony

With London Fashion Week in full swing, plenty of high fashion models and fashionable celebs were in the city to attend Moet & Chandon’s Etoile Gala Ceremony. Celebs like Kate Moss, Peaches Geldof, and Ellie Goulding came out in all their finery for the ultra chic black-tie event. Who do you think did fancy fashion… More »

Sienna and Savannah Miller for Twenty8Twelve Spring 2011 Collection

Fashionable sisters Sienna and Savannah Miller have launched their Spring 2011 collection and guess who’s in the photos? Sienna and Savannah! And my oh my are they looking fabulous!

Kate Moss and Sienna Miller Back to BFF Status

Kate Moss and Sienna Miller have found their way back into a friendship with one another, after being reunited by their mutual hairdresser, James Brown. The two women, who have had a public falling out for various reasons–Sienna dating Jude Law (the ex of Kate’s best friend, Sadie Frost), Kate… from

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