Flashback Friday Kelly Osbourne's 'Shut Up' Music Video

In 2002 I will admit I was addicted to a reality show, and that reality show was The Osbournes. I just feel in love with…
Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs Aug 30, 2013
Amelia Lily - Shut up and give whatever you got OfficialVideoClipvid

Happy Birthday 'Still Not Getting Any...'!

Canadian pop-rock band Simple Plan released their second studio album 'Still Not Getting Any...' on October 26 in 2004. The album is 7 years old…
dora Oct 26, 2011
Shut uppic
Hitchet Sep 11, 2011

Kanye Couldn't Stop At Taylor Swift. Now He's Encroaching On Bieber's Time

Because we all LOVED hearing the Beavers' Bieber's thoughts on abortion last week (if you've been living under a rock here is a summary: abortion…
MarchMouse Feb 24, 2011
shut up and smilepic

shut up and smile

*raises hand while head is resting on counter* i have...survived...monday. so. 3 tests back. 2 failed and 1 almost failed -.- ugh. not my week, last…
meganfursure Oct 04, 2010
look i'm so much happier nowpic

look i'm so much happier now

my aunt is killing my fragile mental state. she's screaming at the dog, eating MY jelly beans and just being a general debbie fucking downer…
ok so i did one chapterpic

ok so i did one chapter

so far out of 3. if it only takes me an hour to do 1, what is my problem? clearly i'm just a procrastinating fool…

I Would Drink...

...but I don't like drinking.    Hmmm...   I need a drink...   ...B.
it's early and I'm coldpic

it's early and I'm cold

I sure hope I didn't catch dawn's acid maltase deficiency!!!! haha dawwwwwwwn. I think I should learn how to yodel and look through people's pants using…


okay, so i'm getting annoyed of all the people talking about how they hate Brokencyde! like alright.. we get it! you dont like that kind of…
mahalaross Jul 08, 2009
Shut up and sleep with Lvid

Shut up and sleep with L

Wow....creepy O-o
Sit Down Shut Up - How To Tell If Your Students Are On Steroidsvid

Sit Down Shut Up - How To Tell If Your Students Are On Steroids

Gym teacher Larry Littlejunk (voiced by Jason Bateman) explains that his students can’t possibly be on steroids because they’re horrible at every sport. Watch FOX’s…
wiredset Apr 16, 2009
Sit Down Shut Up - Never Tempt Your Teachersvid

Sit Down Shut Up - Never Tempt Your Teachers

Principal Sezno (voiced by Kenan Thompson) explains the importance of never tempting our teachers. FOX’s “Sit Down, Shut Up” premieres this Sunday at 8:30 pm.
wiredset Apr 16, 2009


Could I interest you in a hot cup of use your inside voice? wait, that's incorrect. :|
homofag Mar 19, 2009