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One last thing: Read my interview with Shaant of Cute Is What We Aim For!!!!

THAT'S RIGHT! THEY ARE BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!!! I'm sure you kow the story. Shaant is the only original member of Cute remaining, and…
Erica Owens
Erica Owens May 25, 2010

I Need The Product Of Your Fears In The Form Of Tears [Two!]

Chapter Two: What Made You Think...   I finally woke up to blackness surrounding me. I felt arms around me and a head resting upon mine…
xxshamelesxx Aug 09, 2009

I Need The Product Of Your Fears In The Form Of Tears [One!]

Chapter 1: I Have Done What A Mother Wouldn't Want In A Son   *Holly's POV*   "Shaant, what the hell?" I yelled in a spit of…
xxshamelesxx Jun 20, 2009

I Need The Product Of Your Fears In The Form Of Tears [Prologue!]

**I felt sad taking down my other Shaant fan fic, so here's this one!! Hope you like it. If you do, comment and tell me…
xxshamelesxx Jun 10, 2009


tomorrow im going to ct for the take action tour and early in the day i'll be interviewing cute is what we aim for. so…
Erica Owens
Erica Owens Feb 14, 2009

Fatally Yours - Part 16. Final Part

I guess we always assume that we have time to do everything we want to do in our lives. That we will be able to…
anon87 Dec 24, 2008

Fatally Yours - Part 15

Taylor took a few deep breaths, fought back the tears (which was something she was getting pretty good at by now) and made her way…
anon87 Dec 19, 2008

Fatally Yours - Part 14

“Ok, what’s up with you?” Tom asked as he sat himself down next to Taylor, who had been sitting with her head down, staring blankly…
anon87 Dec 18, 2008

Fatally Yours - Part 13

“What the hell’s going on?” Taylor asked as she pushed her way through Amy’s front door. “I ran all the way here. What’s happened to…
anon87 Dec 17, 2008

Fatally Yours - Part 12

“Wait.” Shaant shouted as he chased Taylor down the corridor, leaving Tom alone with Amy, holding the baby and wondering what the hell was going…
anon87 Dec 17, 2008

November Fourth, 2008.

I should have posted this so much earlier. But I was busy and I mysteriously got sick.But anyway, here we are:My sister and I took…
YourFoxyGrandma Nov 07, 2008

This Emergency Brought You To Me - o3.

Chapter Three: Don't Run-Have A Little Faith In Me *Lauren's POV* I was so selfish with having Shaant as my patient; not only was it…
xxshamelesxx Oct 10, 2008

This Emergency Brought You To Me [o2.]

Chapter Two: You'll Hear My Voice When You're Lonely                         *Shaant's POV*               I was bored, I had been sitting in a lonely hospital room for…
xxshamelesxx Sep 20, 2008

Paved Paradise, Put Up A Parking Lot...

Gosh, I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long it was due to tragicness...?Well, it finally happened..My camera broke.Actually the camera is fine (no matter…
supersav Jul 29, 2008