Assembly by adam Lee Biggsvid

Assembly by adam Lee Biggs

The first video by adam lee biggs
owmfilms Oct 24, 2008
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hahaha when i first saved this ages ago i didn't know it was Sally and Sandii i was just like... hey its those chicks that…

The Art Of Loathing Brendon Urie: Chapter Nine: Better Than Sex

It was no secret that in the morning Lexie Mallory-Renee Graham was always cheerful. It was no secret that Lexie Mallory-Renee Graham would be fully…

I Brought You To The Dark Side, But You Brought Me To The Bright Side.

((Frank's POV)) Band practice, with my band of 2 years, was coming to an end. The band consisted of me, Gerard, Bob, Mikey, and Ray. We…

My One & Only: Part 6

*RYAN'S POV* I just sat there. Shocked. "Wow." Was all I could say. That was some amazing singing I just heard. She just had this voice that made you…