Against Me! Lead Singer Tom Gabel Getting Sex Change!

Laura Jane Grace, formerly Tom Gabel, far right Fans of punk band Against Me! have known that for a while, frontman Tom Gabel has always had…
Susannah May 09, 2012

12 Year Old Sex Change: Too Young?

A German lad named Tim -- who has presumably worn out his/her DVD copy of Hedwig and the Angry Inch -- is well along the…
poxline Jan 29, 2007

Jennifer Garner: She Is Very the Handsome Man

Daredevil actress Jennifer Garner is seen here in the Brentwood, California, neighborhood she calls home.  Jen seems to be responding to a Borat-influenced heckler who…
poxline Nov 08, 2006

Omarosa Is a Real Fake

Whether she was accusing fellow contestants of dropping the N-bomb before being fired from The Apprentice or torturing poor, deluded Janice Dickinson for the final…
poxline Oct 18, 2006
Gerard and the Llamapic

Gerard and the Llama

This was a story that I worite and this was hte basic idea, it is in my journal if you wanna read it :)