Serial Videos

Kool Aid Killervid

Kool Aid Killer

The Kool Aid Man goes on a murderous rampage when people stop drinking Kool Aide! Watch more at!
gagfilms Jan 22, 2008
The new coming soon horror film trailervid

The new coming soon horror film trailer

something about modern kind of conspiracy and serial killing
2movie Feb 13, 2007
Freak Out Jason is back!vid

Freak Out – Jason is back!

It looks like the serial killer Jason is back and has been trained by idiots. From the indie cult hit Freak Out out on DVD…
formula51 Oct 25, 2006
Dexter keeps late hoursvid

Dexter keeps late hours

I definitely did NOT see that coming!
rilla Oct 12, 2006
Dexter: No Blood?vid

Dexter: No Blood?

I can’t figure it out either; I guess this means I have to catch this Dexter show on Showtime.
tofuchica Oct 12, 2006