STAY CUTE MERMAID TOP <3 Printed on American Apparel loose crop top, this is my absolute favorite top for summer so far. I am also obsessed…
angelica xoxo
angelica xoxo Jul 05, 2012
Mermaids ARE Real - Fashion Inspirationpic

Mermaids ARE Real - Fashion Inspiration

Seashells, ear plugs and fringed bags these things and more in my mermaid inspired collection. Perfect outfit for long summer days xoxo Contact me :): Twitter:…
Better looking for needles in haystacks...pic

Better looking for needles in haystacks...

I'm so sad to be away of sea than I needed watching my photo from my holidays that I took 2 years ago. And I…
Audrey M.
Audrey M. Apr 12, 2012
The Sun Shines so Bright in the Darkpic

The Sun Shines so Bright in the Dark

My boyfriend and I spent an hour or so at the beach the other day, walking along the sand while I went nuts looking for…
xmorbidxxdreamsx May 09, 2011
Feeling Like the Beach?pic

Feeling Like the Beach?

Little seashells on blue icing, how uhh beachy!
OBEY Aug 06, 2010


Tiny pebbles trapped in small seashells: from the Sea of Cortez, Mexico.
ArtsySF ©
ArtsySF © May 15, 2010
I just want to be happy again.pic

I just want to be happy again.

I miss the days where I was so unexplainably happy. Life was just so good. Why do I feel like I need a significant other…
clndstn Aug 20, 2009
Sea Shellspic

Sea Shells

Sea Shells
3my Jul 24, 2008
got change for this dollar?pic

A Big Company Now...But Still Not Grown

nbsp;In nature, there lives a crustacean called the hermit crab; each year, this creature amicably leaves its insulating seashell in search of a larger home. …
dailymeintern Jun 15, 2007
IMG 0368pic

IMG 0368

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sofarfromreality Feb 04, 2007
for wallpaperpic

for wallpaper

praia - beach
kathy1981 Nov 12, 2006


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misswhiskers Jul 02, 2006
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A nice shell I found - rinsed it off brought it homepic