Scene Polls

Which Of These " Year " Playlists The Best ?

We all love songs that take us back to past years & great moments
angelrehana Mar 10, 2013 Originally by xgeorgiagirlx

Best hair ?

One you either like or would try.
preciousstone Nov 21, 2012 Originally by preciousstone

How many People are scene?

So I'm scene, and I'd like to know my fellow people.
1vampiress1 Feb 25, 2012

What do you think is hot?

You're votes won't hurt my feelings. I'm really just curious :)
xbloodyxpumkinx Feb 15, 2012

What Do You Think About Labels?

Well I Think Labels Are Stupid And Overrated But I Still See People Who Use Them So Im Curious Of Who Thinks That They're Cool…
dropdeaddesi Oct 16, 2011

What's your style?

Everyone's style is different. What's yours? (Note: I did not take any of the pictures in this blog.)

Favorie Scene Queen?

Alrightyyy Sooo my friend Ashton is making a list of the top scene queens. So vote on your favorite please :) thanks lovies!

What's Your Favorite Band ?

Favorite Band !!!!!!!!!!!!! Screamo mostly