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Ipad Facebook Scampic

Ipad Facebook Scam

I guess you can call this a backhanded compliment seeing as how the point of the scam was to drive more people to the scammers…
aliciabees Dec 19, 2011
Me love you long time...pic

Me love you long time...

Received a message from an apparent admirer here on Buzznet on Tuesday, 8/11/2009. Have had a number of messages from spammers and scammers over the…
Scam Alert!pic

Scam Alert!

This man cannot give you mammogram, regardless of what he claims! Do not fall for this, it is a scam! Let all your loved ones know…
Look - I'm the 1 Winner!pic

Look - I'm the #1 Winner!

Did you see this banner ad here on Buzznet this morning? Wait, how could you - I was the 10,000th visitor, not you! In… - it's no free lunch!pic - it's no free lunch!

Buzznet members, there's no free lunch! Those pushing the so-called "free" (name altered) program here on Buzznet must think that some of us are really…
Stop the Spam... Stop the Scam!pic

Stop the Spam... Stop the Scam!

15 Ringtones FREE because We LOVE (to scam) You! Meet fellow Buzznet member buzzgirl22. Look at her photo here, though one might wonder if it's for…
Money for Nothin'pic

Money for Nothin'

The Incredible "Money for Nothin'" ATM Scam A man walks into a gas station's convenience store that has an ATM. He walks up to the ATM…
bad321 Oct 17, 2006