Sephora Debuts New Hello Kitty Wild Things Collection! (VIDEO)

I’m compltetely in love with the new Hello Kitty Wild Things collection, which is exclusively at Sephora. And this video for the collection is incredible! The wild…

WATCH: Jessi Jae Joplin & Bebe Zeva Do Little Tokyo

This past week, my best friend Bebe Zeva and I took a trip to Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles. I was very excited because I had never…

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty has been around for a while, and so has the hype. I’ve never really been into HK before, for some unknown…

Flashback Friday: 10 Things We Wanted When We Were Kids

Remember all the toys that you had as a kid? No matter what we had, we always wanted something new! Now that we’re older and can afford most of these things, most of the things…

Hello Kitty Everything

from toasters to tiara’s hello kitty truly has covered it all.. i can’t think of one item hello kitty hasn’t created.. ever since i was young i have been a fan of the kitty.. i used to be so excited to go back to school shopping because i knew sanrio would be one of our… More »

zombie kitty

hot topic just came out with a new hello kitty zombie line. i love the two finger ring & the plush key chain.. zombies plus hello kitty = genius!! 

what do you think?

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Sanrio + Hello Kitty Goodies Up for Grabs

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some extra stuff in celebration of Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary, so I figured rather than keeping it for…

Ferris Wheels &Cream Puffs Sanrio 50th Anniversary Party in Los Angeles

This party was so fun! You really felt like you were in some magical Sanrio land as soon as you walked through the door. Check out lots of photos from the party HERE

Ain’t no party like a Hello Kitty party!

Despite being significantly drained from the previous evening’s antics (a-hem, All Time Low), i pulled on my tights and party dress and frolicked over to Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary party in Santa Monica.

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Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary Party – The Toys

If life was a Sanrio Store, this place was surely heaven. Everything I ever wanted was all in one place, except I couldn’t touch most of it.

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