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THESE DAYS Free CD Bradley West www.FreedomTracks.comvid

THESE DAYS ~ Free CD ~ Bradley West ~ ~ from the FREE CD "Slow Train", featuring country and bluegrass artist Bradley West ~ All songs and related videos from this and several…
aberdeen Aug 18, 2014
Professor Snape Harry Potter Songvid

Professor Snape (Harry Potter Song)

If your looking for a quick summery of all 8 Harry Potter films in the form of an epic song.. This is the music video…
shaneb Aug 09, 2014
Hurry Death - Man of Constant Sorrowvid

Hurry Death - Man of Constant Sorrow

LA based indie rock outfit Hurry Death covers the classic Irish Kentucky Hills song made popular by the Coen Bros' "O Brother, Where Art Thou".
hurryparker Jul 23, 2014
Lads We Use To Knowvid

Lads We Use To Know

(In poetic Irish accent) Here lies the tale of my closest gents and some of the fondest memories from my youth. The events in this…
shaneb Jun 22, 2014
Camryn 'Lovesick' Official Music Video - OUT NOWvid

Camryn 'Lovesick' Official Music Video - OUT NOW

'Lovesick' Official Music Video on VEVO. Shot entirely while Camryn was opening for One Direction on the Take Me Home Tour for 63 sold out…
CAMRYN Oct 10, 2013


An interpretation of sadness... This video shows how people are cold nowadays and that love is loosing its value.
Frances Sep 19, 2013
WESLEY- Last Onevid

WESLEY- Last One

My first single please check it out and share.
WESLEY Feb 20, 2013
A new tune . . The troubled heart by Sad Fantasyvid

A new tune . . The troubled heart by Sad Fantasy

This is deffinately not a shot at popularity.This song is written for anyone who is on a downer or just need a sad song to…
Sad Fantasy
Sad Fantasy Sep 12, 2012

HEARTBREAK FOR BREAKFAST Facebook- deals with a very abrupt, life-changing break-up.Starring (in order of appearance):Kinsey DimentOwen MartinJocelyn Jolley
jakeneuman Sep 11, 2012
Draw Your Swords by Angus Julia Stonevid

Draw Your Swords by Angus & Julia Stone

I totally ADORE this song. I've never heard a guy sing with so much emotion and it just sends shivers down my spine every time…
ABBY Jul 21, 2012


Dirigido por: Misko Iho (via Eu achei esse video tão bonito... As cores, o "cenário", a música...  Enfim, a fotografia é incrível!   --------------------- A PARTIR DAQUI APENAS…
Tarick Haziz
Tarick Haziz Jun 27, 2012
A Sad Goodbyevid

A Sad Goodbye

We took our dog Gordo to visit his grandparents for 2 months and when it was time to pick him up his grandparents were very…
hdhungryman May 07, 2012
Titanic Little Girl Giant Walks Across Liverpoolvid

Titanic Little Girl Giant Walks Across Liverpool

A Giant Little Girl And Her Giant Dog Walk Accross Liverpool. They are walking to the shoreline to find her dad who went down in…
stevanhogg Apr 21, 2012
I Won't Ever Be Happy Again - Bright Eyesvid

I Won't Ever Be Happy Again - Bright Eyes

This one's a bit breath-heavy (so if you get off on that kind of thing, knock yourself out!). Sorry, I really got into it towards…
whitewallsongs Feb 25, 2012
Abusive Relationship Commercialvid

Abusive Relationship Commercial

I had to make a commercial on abusive relationships for my English class so here it is.
yurbee Aug 29, 2011