Vanilla Lace Chapter 2

So I had originally wanted this chapter to be over 3,000 words, but I only got to about 2,131 words. I hope you guys aren't…
Cindy_Bear92 May 26, 2012

Panic! At The Wedding Chapter Fifteen

I- I have no excuse. I'll put the full author's note at the end, but enjoy the final installment of Panic! At The Wedding. <3 The…
hgxhp4ever Mar 18, 2012

Vanilla Lace Chapter 1

Remember a long time ago when I posted part of this? Well, I finally figured out that I will make this a short chaptered story…
Cindy_Bear92 Dec 28, 2011

These Things Take 2 Prologue

Hey everyone. I had asked in another post what yor thought were on weather or not I should rewrite These Things. I didn't ge a…
Cindy_Bear92 Dec 27, 2011

Panic! At The Wedding Chapter Fourteen

Well folks, we're here: This chapter is the last flashback, and carries us to THE DAY OF THE WEDDING! *trumpet fanfare* So, as I am…
hgxhp4ever Sep 29, 2011

A Tale That You Can't Sweat Out [Chapter Two]

      Chapter Two; [The Only Difference Between Martydom and Suicide Is Press Coverage]   And I believe this may call for a proper introduction, and well don't you see, I'm…

Panic! At The Wedding Chapter Thirteen

Okay, so when I started this I thought; "Hey, brilliant idea, why don't I put my friends and I in this!" well now I think…
hgxhp4ever Jul 10, 2011

Panic! At The Wedding Chapter Twelve

So, this is kind of the biggest chapter in the whole story, not size wise, but informationally. I'm really nervous about this, because I made…
hgxhp4ever Jun 08, 2011

These Things Chapter 10

ALERT: BIGGEST FILLER CHAPTER IN THE HISORY OF FILLER CHAPTERS. Okay,I am really sorry that I havent posted in a while, and I have hardly…

Panic! At The Wedding Chapter Eleven

Okay, so you guys have waited SO long for this, may I just say I am infinetely sorry and thankful for your patience! I swear…
hgxhp4ever May 15, 2011

These Things Chapter 9 (PLEASE READ THE NOTES)

I am so sorry you guys had to wait so long for this piece of crap. I have been super busy with so many things…

M.I.A, apologies, inspirations

okay so my midterms are done nd im back to a some what regular schedule. This past week was intense for me. I just got…
Kawela Mar 27, 2011

I'll Make A Man Out Of You (Rydon Comedy Oneshot)

ldquo;Ryan, are you a virgin?” Ryan spat his coke out all over the table, completely taken aback by Brendon's question. “Co- come again?” He sputtered…
hgxhp4ever Mar 22, 2011


Okay, so, the other day, I got to thinking; 'Wow, I only have five chapters left in this story. What am I gonna do next?!'…
hgxhp4ever Mar 09, 2011

Panic! At The Wedding Chapter Ten

Still Five Days Till The Wedding When Ryan woke up, he lay in bed for a moment, trying to think what was different today. Every day…
hgxhp4ever Mar 09, 2011