Chasing butterflies in the rain.pic

Chasing butterflies in the rain.

A grown man chasing a butterlfy in the rain,  why not.  Didn't have a net, but had a camera.
Rybird May 30, 2014

This is NOT about Cows. NO Bull either, Just sheer Boredom. Yes, Boredom had mastered me.

And this is the result of overcoming the boredom. World, newage, abstract electro and electronic rock rose from boredom. It was an exercise in futility…
Rybird Apr 29, 2014
Cardinal on side of treepic

Cardinal on side of tree

Male Cardinal striking a pose on a branch. http://rybird.com/fowl-play.html
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Rybird Mar 17, 2014
Nocturnal Bluesvid

Nocturnal Blues

"There is Natural Harmony in Music Collaboration" Rybird     The music video Nocturnal Design features the soundtrack Nocturnal Blues by Rybird featuring Michael Harty on guitar…
Rybird Feb 09, 2014