DSCF0904 Cardinal on side of treepic

DSCF0904 Cardinal on side of tree

Male Cardinal striking a pose on a branch.
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Rybird Mar 17, 2014
Nocturnal Bluesvid

Nocturnal Blues

"There is Natural Harmony in Music Collaboration" Rybird     The music video Nocturnal Design features the soundtrack Nocturnal Blues by Rybird featuring Michael Harty on guitar…
Rybird Feb 09, 2014
Dream at Gate 8vid

Dream at Gate 8

nbsp; Dream at Gate 8, featuring the soundtrack The Magnetar's Last Song by Rybird. Tired from a long journey, a journey in transit, paused in the…
Rybird Jan 08, 2014

Sundering Fate

[caption id="attachment_840" align="alignleft" width="240"]  Alloy Dream releases a two year culmination of rock molten into an alloy of controlled chaos, a sort of molten mental metal…
Rybird Dec 04, 2013
Favor of the Butterflypic

Favor of the Butterfly

Favor of the Butterfly fluttering about glimmers the morning dew like a flower freed the gentle breeze catching her wings touches her softly carrying nectar of life and…
Rybird Oct 30, 2013