Timelapse Transitions of a Teleported Time Traveler

Timelapse Transitions of a Teleported Time Traveler from Rybird Music on Vimeo. The ambient groove soundtrack Timelapse Transitions of a Teleported Time Traveler accentuates the mix…
Rybird Oct 30, 2014
Chasing butterflies in the rain.pic

Chasing butterflies in the rain.

A grown man chasing a butterlfy in the rain,  why not.  Didn't have a net, but had a camera.
Rybird May 30, 2014

This is NOT about Cows. NO Bull either, Just sheer Boredom. Yes, Boredom had mastered me.

And this is the result of overcoming the boredom. World, newage, abstract electro and electronic rock rose from boredom. It was an exercise in futility…
Rybird Apr 29, 2014
Cardinal on side of treepic

Cardinal on side of tree

Male Cardinal striking a pose on a branch. http://rybird.com/fowl-play.html
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Rybird Mar 17, 2014
Nocturnal Bluesvid

Nocturnal Blues

"There is Natural Harmony in Music Collaboration" Rybird     The music video Nocturnal Design features the soundtrack Nocturnal Blues by Rybird featuring Michael Harty on guitar…
Rybird Feb 09, 2014
Dream at Gate 8vid

Dream at Gate 8

nbsp; Dream at Gate 8, featuring the soundtrack The Magnetar's Last Song by Rybird. Tired from a long journey, a journey in transit, paused in the…
Rybird Jan 08, 2014

Sundering Fate

[caption id="attachment_840" align="alignleft" width="240"]  Alloy Dream releases a two year culmination of rock molten into an alloy of controlled chaos, a sort of molten mental metal…
Rybird Dec 04, 2013
Favor of the Butterflypic

Favor of the Butterfly

Favor of the Butterfly fluttering about glimmers the morning dew like a flower freed the gentle breeze catching her wings touches her softly carrying nectar of life and…
Rybird Oct 30, 2013

Alloy Dream: Son of Odin

Odin was one of the gods of the Vikings and was the father of Thor. He crafted the mighty hammer Mjolnir and gave it…
Rybird Aug 15, 2013

The Tree Climber - a short story paralleling a alcoholic to a tree climber. by Rybird

The Tree Climber. 3-2013 I recently remembered the first tree I saw. Strangely I was 6 years old before I saw my first tree. It…
Rybird Jul 08, 2013
Halcyon Khu Reprise - The Eagle Fliesvid

Halcyon Khu Reprise -" The Eagle Flies"

The Bald Eagle Soars in this scenic video featuring the track Halcyon Khu Reprise from the Rybird album Halcyon Khu available for free streaming or…
Rybird Jun 02, 2013

Electronic Music Has No Soul

Electronic Music has No Soul. After all it’s a computer or other machine making it, and computers have no soul. A guitar player might call…
Rybird Feb 05, 2013

Imagination,Technology,Emotion and Experience = Rybird's Music

Imagination and Technology; together created by a desire to communicate that which cannot otherwise be delivered is the means by which Rybird operates. Combining a…
Rybird Jan 28, 2013

Rybird is Back Blog: Music is Music

Hello Buzzers,  I apologize, I dont' know how you want to be called....friends.  I am back after a year of building rybird.com and making music…
Rybird Jan 01, 2013

Arion Album by Rybird Synopsis and free download promotion.

Arion is a concept album of mythological fantasy electronic rock and roll and has three guest musicians appearing on three separate songs. Groove Guitar Guru…
Rybird Nov 05, 2012