Ronnie Radke Polls

Ronnie Radke Covers Alt Press: Which Cover Is Best?

Falling In Reverse's shameless lead singer landed the March 2012 cover of Alternative Press--and there are THREE different versions. Which one do you like best?

Marijuana legalization ?

Should marijuana be legalized ? In my humble opinion i think itd be a good idea to legalize it , itd save the cops time…
livthelurker Sep 17, 2011

Who do you think is a better singer....

so me and a few people are in an argument on who is better. the old Escape the Fate Singer Ronnie or the new singer…
mandyluvzombies15 Aug 28, 2011

Ronnie Radke or Craig Mabbitt???

Which one do you prefer just as a person??
snaparroniandcheese Feb 20, 2011

Who do you like better Ronnie Radke or Craig Mabbit?

The former or current lead singer of Escape The Fate.

Ronnie Radke or Craig Mabbit?

I wonderr how original i was with this? Well To be honest I'm a Ronnie girl(loved his charisma) but Craig is cool and all.
phycosatarah May 01, 2010

Ronnie Radke or Craig Mabbitt?!

This isn't about who's hotter. This is about who you feel is a better performer, singer, and songwriter. Ronnie is the previous lead singer of Escape…

Who's better in ETF? Ronnie Radke or Craig Mabbit???

Vote on who you think is better in ETF.
ronniexradkexfanx1 Nov 19, 2009

What is your intake on Escape the Fate's Craig Mabbitt vs. Ronnie Radke Battle?

There is a lot of complaining and fighting going on over the exicution of Ronnie's position as ETF's singer and Craigs replacing him. Just for…
lynzinspired Sep 21, 2009

What is your take on the battle for fan's love between Craig Mabbit and Ronnie Radke of Escape the Fate?

What do you think? Are you for Ronnie or Craig? Or one of the other options?
lynzinspired Jul 29, 2009

Did you like Escape the Fate better with Ronnie or Craig?

The title says it all, so answer up bitches. ps. Buzznet's being a bword otherwise I would have pics.
jajudot Jan 14, 2009

blessthefall or Escape the Fate?

Which of the bands do you like better?
mel18972 Dec 07, 2008