My (suddenxsilencexlover) list of top 10 bands from KC, MO.

1) Flee The Seen 2) Josephine Collective 3) Roanoke 4) The Belated 5) Blinded Black 6) The Beautiful Bodies 7) Lovers In Transit 8) The Learners 9) The Away Team 10) Coronado Left For…
Smoke 'em if you got 'em!pic

Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

This Bullitt Avenue resident of Roanoke, Virginia, was really concerned about the effect that the jackhammers were having on her then-unborn child. Now everyone knows…
ais01 Mar 19, 2006
Roanoke St. Patrick's Day Parade TimesCastpic

Roanoke St. Patrick's Day Parade TimesCast

Must be seen to be believed.
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cloverude Mar 18, 2006
The biggest man-made star?pic

The biggest man-made star?

So this is on top of 'Star Mountain' and the plaque says that it's the biggest man-made star in the world or something. It's pretty…
crunchberry Jan 22, 2006
roanoke at night...pic

roanoke at night...

from the star
thehyena Jan 12, 2006
The neighs have itpic

The neighs have it

In front of the Roanoke Market Building, a family stops to pet a horse.
andrewkantor Dec 27, 2005


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bleedingart Dec 10, 2005

Welcome To Bleeding Art

Hi to all of you, Welcome to buzznet 'Bleeding Art'.  I am an artist/writer/photo taker/poet living in Blacksburg, Virginia.  I will be posting many photographs that I…
bleedingart Dec 08, 2005
Wasps on Campbell Ave.pic

Wasps on Campbell Ave.

These wasps have been building this fist-sized nest in a doorway on Campbell Ave. for a least several weeks. That's when I last walked by…
davis Sep 15, 2005
blueberries at windrush farm, newport, virginiapic

blueberries at windrush farm, newport, virginia

taken august 2005. a fun thing about being in a blueberry patch is hearing all of the conversations of people that you can't see.
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johnhildreth Aug 28, 2005
swimming catpic

swimming cat

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dinwidy7 Aug 21, 2005
The HOGs win the People's Choicepic