The Duchess of Cambridge featured as Nativity Mary

The beautiful Duchess of Cambridge and her husband are somehow used to being an inspiration for different sculptures, artworks, paintings and even chocolate. Genny di…
nikismyth Dec 01, 2014

His Royal Highness Prince William in Oxford to open new university facilities

After he announced the brilliant news that he and wife Kate are expecting their second child, Prince William went to Oxford to fulfil his royal…
nikismyth Sep 09, 2014

Happy Birthday Kate Middleton! A Year in Photos!

It’s Kate Middleton AKA The Duchess of Cambridge’s birthday—here’s a look back on her busy year. -PJ Gach   It’s Kate Middleton’s birthday today! The Duchess of Cambridge is now 32, and last…
PJ Gach
PJ Gach Jan 08, 2014
What Happens When Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi and Prince William Sing Together?vid

What Happens When Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi and Prince William Sing Together?

The trio sang Bon Jovi's classic "Living On A Prayer" If you do not know this song please re-evaluate your music knowledge! Twitter Facebook Instagram  
jacklynnn Nov 26, 2013

Royal Baby's Pictures!

Royal Baby's Pictures!
HollywoodBuzz Aug 15, 2013

Monday Smiles: Cutest Bulldog Ever, Jimmy Fallon + Robin Thicke, And More!

Sometimes you need things to help you get through the week. Things like chocolate, Real Housewives, and bulldogs riding a rocking horse. IMPORTANT THINGS. Watch…

The Royal Ruckus

Every time I post something about the British Royal Family, someone asks why Americans care about the British royals. I think I can explain why... 1…
Lisa Ruocco
Lisa Ruocco Jul 22, 2013

Butter London Introduces 'The Royals' Limited Edition Nail Polis

Butter London nail polish celebrates Prince William and Kate Middleton's first baby with a new polish and more. -PJ Gach Are you counting the days until Prince William and Catherine…
PJ Gach
PJ Gach May 27, 2013


10 Gifts to give to Kate and Prince William, or the other pregnant people in your life. -PJ Gach It was finally announced yesterday that Kate Middleton…
PJ Gach
PJ Gach Dec 13, 2012

Behind The Scenes At Ellie Goulding's New Video (VIDEO)

Ellie Goulding is rocking pink hair and floating through the air in the video for her new song "Anything Can Happen."The singer, 25, talked with…
Caitlin O'Brien
Caitlin O'Brien Sep 07, 2012

Drifting out to Sea? No problem there's a Prince for that!

Can you imagine drifting out to sea and having a prince come to your rescue? Well that's the story two girls have to tell.  Sounds like a…
marissaparks Aug 21, 2012

Kate Middleton Gets Pretty For London Olympics Concert

Our favorite Prince and Princess helped kick off the countdown to the 2012 Olymipics by attending a dinner gala put on by the British Olympic…
Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn May 13, 2012


28 pics
Naz Buzz
Naz Buzz Apr 29, 2012

Prince William Came to Denmark's Children's Fund

In 2nd Nov, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Frederik and Princess Mary came to Denmark’s Children’s Fund emergency supplies supply center to inspecter. It is…
cindyooo Nov 04, 2011

Media is the Devil

The media should NOT be talking about Amy Winehouse, like they have been. They need to leave her alone, she is dead, after all. And whoelse…
elizabethh94 Jul 31, 2011