Beauty Product Review: The Body Shop Instablur All-In-One Products

The Body’s Shop’s Instablur Makeup and Eye Primer are made by wizards! -PJ Gach After trying The Body Shop’s Instablur All-In-One Makeup Primer ($22, and theirInstablur All-In-One Eye Primer ($18…
PJ Gach
PJ Gach Nov 03, 2014

Beauty Product Review: Pixi Beauty Primers

Pixi Beauty has two primers, how good are they? -PJ Gach   Sometimes I’m slow on the uptake. When primers first came out, my first thought was, “Why?&rdquo…
PJ Gach
PJ Gach Dec 06, 2013

I won Eyeshadow Primer from Australis!

That's right! I won yet ANOTHER cosmetic item from Australis! Gosh I love their products. I entered their retweet competition and me and another 4 girls…
alanadaisy Feb 02, 2012
acne before and aftervid

acne before and after

Clic Here: 19 million suffer from acne . If you have this problem on your skin do not pick, pop or squeeze, scratch or scrub…
skinclear Oct 03, 2011
Consultores en Riesgos Financieros Barcelona - VivesMunte - En Primer Planovid

Consultores en Riesgos Financieros Barcelona - Vives&Munte - En Primer Plano

En 1979 se crea en Barcelona, Vives&Munte, empresa especializada en el análisis de información empresarial y socio-laboral así como el criminalístico, siendo consejeros en ciencias…
enprimerplano Jul 26, 2011