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Callina Marie
Callina Marie Dec 10, 2014
My Favorite Fashionistas of 2014pic

My Favorite Fashionistas of 2014

Lucy Hale and her Cool Casual Style ❤️
ashleyedgybadass Oct 11, 2014

What I'm Watching on Netflix: October

Here is a new monthly post I'll be doing to share what I'm binge watching on Netflix. I hardly ever watch TV, but all the…
emilywritesthings Oct 07, 2014

Monday Memos: The Fault In Our Stars...a star crossed love story with no faults

Please check out my latest blog post on my website where I review the film "The Fault In Our Stars', and discuss how the book and…
celindareyes Jun 16, 2014
The Pretty Little Liars Heat Things Up In June's GQpic

YouTube Wednesday: Missglamorazzi...the beauty/fashion/health guru who likes her glamour with a side of fun!

nbsp;  Hello people of the internet!!! On today's 'YouTube Wednesday', we are going to discuss a YouTuber that you ALL should be familiar with (and…
celindareyes May 14, 2014

Quite Tiny Liars Time of year 4, Episode 20 Sneak Look: Will the Liars Tell Aria About Ezra?

We are nevertheless not sure just what the Mona-Fitz connection is on Pretty Tiny Liars, but Ezra (Ian Harding) appears to be calling onto it…
wood2jody Feb 18, 2014

Top 10 Reasons Why It’s Better If You Don't Have A Valentine This Year

Hello people of the internet!!! Today, we will talk about the heart shaped elephant in the room…Valentine’s Day (cue suspenseful music). Maybe you’re single this…
celindareyes Feb 10, 2014
Alternative Choice: Valentines Day 2014pic

Alternative Choice: Valentine`s Day 2014

Hey lovers!   I love Valentines day, because it associate with one of my fav colors - RED. The Good thing about it is that you can…

Who Wore It Better: Hayley Williams or Lucy Hale

Okay now let's break down Lucy's outfit or Aria's whatever. The pants were identified as regular blue jeans and shoes were not specified.  Now onto Hayley's outfit  …
alarming to the senses
alarming to the senses Jan 21, 2014

Friday Favorites for January 4th - January 10th Part 1

nbsp; Hello people of the internet, in honor of everyone’s favorite day of the week, we will be discussing our ‘Friday Favorites’ for January 4th…
celindareyes Jan 12, 2014

Are Your Ready for the New Season of Pretty Little Liars?

Season 4 is starting tonight, so if you’ve missed anything here’s your chance to catch up!   1. Ezra is possibly A (we say possibly because they…
CastHub Jan 07, 2014

Friday Favorites of October 26th-November 1, 2013 Part 1

*This blog was not posted on Friday due to technical difficulties, thank you for your understanding J Hello people of the internet, happy Friday! In honor…
celindareyes Nov 02, 2013

Friday Favorites Part 1 (October 19th-25th)

nbsp;    Hello people of the internet, happy Friday! In honor of everyone’s favorite day of the week, we will be discussing our ‘Friday Favorites’ of October…
celindareyes Oct 26, 2013

Why I Love the PLL Halloween Episodes

Besides the fact that all the really good things happen during the Halloween episodes, what I love most about it is the costumes. Each has…
EndlessEntertainment Oct 23, 2013