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Music: Whats Is It To You?

The title explains the general idea of this post. What is music to you?Is it an aid when life's got you down?Is it something that…

Sunday's Fashion Brunch x New Sites & New Brands!

Spring is officially here and I couldn't be any more excited! Now that fashion week in the U.S. is sadly over it's time to get cracking on not…

Hump day Hottie: Jake Gyllenhaal

I saw 'Prisoners' last night (the film not actual convicts- LOL) and I must say aswell as being gripped to the two and a half…

National poll from Rakuten's Play.com reveals Queen really are the champions

A poll by Rakuten's Play.com of over 20,000 music fans has revealed that the nation's top artist of all time is Queen, closely followed by…
musicdish Aug 02, 2013

Her Name Is Neeshabeth + Giveaway!

Hey lovers! How are you? This weekend was super intense, I`ve slept only for a 2 -3 hours per each day. So right now I…
Neeshabetha LL
Neeshabetha LL Jun 18, 2013

What Should I Read This Summer?!

I love books! I am an avid reader and I will read just about anything. But that can sometimes make things difficult when I am…
Kaytee May 21, 2013

MUSIC NOTES: Yeah Yeah Yeah's New Album News & More (VIDEO)

Music Notes; because let's face it, #musicrules.  We have a lot of touring news and new album news to discuss today! The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are…
Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs Jan 15, 2013

Tokio Hotel's Christmas Tree Battle

On TH's official Twitter and Facebook in these last days there was a sort of battle for decree which Christmas tree is better between the…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Dec 27, 2012

Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar 2013 - Info Update #24

Ok, we already had the pleasure to admire new DSDS shooting but today in TH's website appeared a new Tom's shoot: and Promi-Flash.de lunched a new…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Nov 12, 2012


Okay so, Vanessa wants you guys to vote for her on this Poll, ON THIS GIRL'S PAGE  it's on the right side of the page, and…
Lolita Bently
Lolita Bently Jun 17, 2012

Last Chance To Vote Britney Spears At Billboard Awards

Today’s the last chance to vote for Britney at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards! She’s nominated for Best Dance Artist and Best Dance Song for…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. May 20, 2012

Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera: Who's the greater turn-of-the-millennium pop diva?

Britney or Christina? It’s a question that philosophers have been contemplating since approximately 5 A.D. (after Disney). One’s the ultimate American girl, the other’s multi-lingual…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Aug 17, 2011

I need an opinion.

I know no one will answer this, but I thought I would ask anyways. Pink or red?
sarahlapointe Mar 31, 2011

hi ya'll!

my name is evie mae and i design bracelets! they are beaded charm bracelets and they are really cute and fun! i'm also starting a…
evie mae
evie mae Feb 24, 2011

witch one do you like

 witch pic do like better sammcking or alex evans i personally think alexs is more original meow
April May
April May Jan 18, 2011