Literally Literary: Spotlight on Tyler Knott Gregson

There are writers and poets who just get it. Then, there are writers and poets who are so on point, you have no choice but…
Tina Apr 11, 2014

It's Eating Me Alive

amp; Here is my second shorter sonnet. It's Eating Me Alive If I sliced my wrists, If I took the pills, If I made the lists, You’d see what kills.   I’m…
AllTimeJuless Mar 04, 2014

End It

Told you I was going to post my shorter sonnets. so here's the first one. End It The deeper you cut, The more you bleed. I’ve got this feeling…
AllTimeJuless Mar 04, 2014


So, in my english class we learned what a sonnet was.  We also read some samples to get used to them and learn the structure…
AllTimeJuless Mar 04, 2014
Just A Vessel Murder Is The Anwser Freestylevid

Just A Vessel | Murder Is The Anwser Freestyle

Just A Vessel℠ performing "Murder Is The Answer" FREESTYLE. (Explicit Lyrics). (C) 2014 Depymusic™. | justavessel.com |
justavessel Mar 02, 2014


i love it because it makes me feel like my feelings are brighter than the world around me.
elpoeticminds Feb 06, 2014
Animal Sounds Poem for Kids!vid

Animal Sounds Poem for Kids!

It's a poem for children describing the sounds that animals make. It is designed to help learn phonic patterns in English and for children, toddlers…
teatimewithtayla Jan 16, 2014
Georges Seuratpic

i was yours and you were mine, we were one.

i miss staying up all night till the sun peeked through the blinds of my window  i miss falling asleep on your arm with a smile…
seriouslydisturbed Nov 27, 2013


He said, "Go kill yourself." And she almost did. She grabbed a knife  And fell apart.  The clothes he gave her still have his smell And when she wears them  She…
seriouslydisturbed Nov 20, 2013


Her fingers are shaking Her head is spinning She can barely breathe  She can barely speak  Her eyes are heavy  She hasnt slept in days…
seriouslydisturbed Nov 20, 2013
mine not yourspic

mine; not yours~

nbsp; No one told herlife would be this hard,learning to starvefor attention& people’s empty affections. It was much easierwhen she was young;painting her lipswith a scarlet crayon. Surely…
Tulie Ann
Tulie Ann Nov 19, 2013
Finbarr Dac : North Wales, UKpic

Finbarr Dac : North Wales, UK

“Poetry and art and knowledge are sacred and pure.” -George Eliot
Barbie Roxy Hagar
Barbie Roxy Hagar Nov 17, 2013

When Monsters Claim to Rap

nbsp;     When a dreary mist hangs in the air And the graveyard has that chill That sens you get goes through your hair And makes you feel quite ill   The…

Dwarves of Iron Caverns

nbsp;     Under mountain slopes you hear them sing Forge and hammer with resounding ring Who are these we speak of so The Dwarves of Iron Caverns Glow   Forge that armor…