WATCH: Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer Is More Than Perfect!

Its finally here! The Bellas have came back together to bring us the first official trailer for Pitch Perfect 2. Our favorite singing group consisting…
rebeccahrose Nov 20, 2014
The Greatest Rap Duo Is Back!vid

The Greatest Rap Duo Is Back!

Ellen and Rebel Wilson are back rapping again, this time with full outfits and a set. I think they're the next RUN DMC!
jacklynnn Feb 18, 2014

Why We’re Excited For “Pitch Perfect 2”

The good news just keeps on coming!   We are huge fans of Pitch Perfect so when we heard that there was going to be a sequel…
CastHub Feb 10, 2014

Monday Memos: AMAs Recap Part 1

AMAs Recap Part 1         Ok, last night (November 24, 2013) was the AMAs and A LOT of stuff happened. Ok, ready?  Let’s get started!    Host:        …
celindareyes Nov 25, 2013

DIY Days: How To Create The Ultimate Mixtape!

I love making and giving away mixtapes to people, LOVE IT! I mean it's a shame no one can use actual tapes anymore. But anytime…
Chloe Skowron
Chloe Skowron Sep 07, 2013


1. Favorite Movie: Titanic  Words cannot describe how perfect this movie is. I've never watched a movie where, time after time I cry even harder than…
getawaylove May 20, 2013

Get Ready For A Pitch Perfect Sequel In 2015

Woooo! Universal recently announced plans for a Pitch Perfect sequel! But...it won't be released until another two years. Boo! It was something fans like me…
chermarie Apr 17, 2013

Style Predictions: MTV Movie Awards

Amanda Seyfried, Emma Watson and Kim Kardashian are some of the big names expected at the MTV Movie Awards this weekend. This red carpet is…

The Best Things That Could Possibly Happen At The MTV Movie Awards

As you may have heard, this weekend will bring us the event of events: The MTV Movie Awards. ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN.  First things first, Rebel Wilson…

10 Things You Need To Know About MTV Movie Awards Host Rebel Wilson

Meet Rebel. She's the coolest chick ever and funny as can be.  This weekend she's hosting the MTV Movie Awards. To make sure you're prepped and…

2013 MTV Movie Award Nomination GIFs!

It's almost time for the 2013 MTV Movie Awards! Take a look at this fun collection of GIFs below featuring some of our favorite MTV…
chermarie Apr 08, 2013
Anna Kendrick Joins K-Pop Group Fxvid

Anna Kendrick Joins K-Pop Group F(x)

Proving just how adorably Pitch Perfect she is, Anna Kendrick has teamed up with Korean pop group F(x) in a hilarious new video. The Funny…
iamcram Mar 28, 2013

Anna Kendrick Secures Her Position As My Favorite Person With This K-Pop Music Video

Oh Anna Kendrick, how I love thee. If her Oscar nomination and suprisingly charming performance in Pitch Perfect wasn't enough for you...then how about this K-POP…
Amy Scarlata
Amy Scarlata Mar 28, 2013

Anna Kendrick's Awesome New Version Of 'Cups' Song From 'Pitch Perfect'

For those of you who saw the flick Pitch Perfect I think you'll enjoy this remix of Anna Kendrick's "Cups". I had no idea Anna Kendrick could…
chermarie Mar 18, 2013
Abigail Spencerpic

Abigail Spencer

Abigail Spencer got her start on the hit tv soap All My Children in 1999. Since then she has starred in various television shows such…
10 pics
chermarie Mar 06, 2013