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Big News For Beyonce!

Beyonce is going to be HUGE at the MTV VMA's this year on August 24th. Beyonce will be given a huge honor she will be given…
reallygreg Aug 07, 2014

12 Day Love Yourself Challenge.

Hey Buzznetters! If you haven't heard yet, Buzzfeed has created a 12 Day Love Yourself Challenge and I want YOU to be apart of it! I think alot…
Haleigh Rice
Haleigh Rice Aug 22, 2014


I tried to find some good things but not many vanity plates showed up or when they did I didn't get the time to photograph…
BIZARRELAND Aug 20, 2014

I'm always trying to find a way to make it last.

Tuesday 19 August 2014 6:20pm English comedic panel shows are brilliant ♥. I can never watch enough! Recently, I've wandered through the Hollies, had a giant coffee…

What I'm Up To

Hi guys, wow I slacked again on updating. but the last few days I was pretty darn busy. I had a lot of design works…
Ranna Aug 17, 2014

Christina Aguilera Shares A Lovely Photo With Fans

Everybody knows Christina Aguilera is expecting a baby girl, just at the beginning of the month she posted with the baby bump in a fabulous…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Aug 15, 2014

What even is up

and who even am I idk guys I've been gone for so long and for so many times, I'll just drop some of my drawings here…
Ranna Aug 10, 2014

Make it happen!

I love dance movies for two reasons. First, I love dancing. I have danced since I was a little kid. I have tried many different…
sunitaanja Aug 10, 2014

OMG! Kim Kardashian Is Publishing A 'Selfish' Selfie Book

We all know there is nothing that the Kardashian's wouldn't do to make money for her name. Following the enormous success of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. it seems…
Heartemily Aug 08, 2014

Filming Under Milkwood

Recently a flm crew have been in the Pembrokeshire village of Solva, filming a new version of Dylan Thomas's Under Milkwood.  I spent a day…
annier Aug 06, 2014

Friend, we weren't even lovers.

Thursday 7 August 2014 11:50pm I've recorded Happy Birthday You, started to write an article (after a blooming while!), and bought two tickets to Vance Joy…

Balloon Classic.........

Some more photos of the balloon classic what fun and alot of photographers and kids. Well it fair time here in Iowa so I will…
hersh Aug 08, 2014

Summer Mashups

Rui Pinto is talented artist from Portugal. He created one of the best mashups between celebrities and cartoons from the Disney movies. This project "Celebridades…
Forbidden Aug 03, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence: The Queen Of Photobomb

Who doesn't know Jennifer Lawrence? D'oh!! That's impossible. This beautiful, hilarious, and talented girl become one of the famous actrees since The Hunger Games. Wait…
deeisdian Aug 03, 2014

Oh Monday, Monday, how could you leave and not take me?

Monday 28 July 2014 1:05pm An early morning, black coffee, vinyl records playing and a sleepy dog ♥. Recently, I've watched Boyhood at the picture house, written…