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Just A Typical Thursday

Hi there!  I took a lot of photos today and I couldn't decide which one to post, so I am going to do a photoblog…
CANDLE Sep 25, 2014

Blue planet eyes.

Wednesday 24 September 2014 1:20am I'm glued to The Mindy Project after booking accommodation in the Lake District that turned out to be a closet beneath…


Okay!  I finally have 2 seconds to rub together, so it's finally photo blog time!  In case you haven't seen my latest posts on Buzznet…
CANDLE Sep 19, 2014

Day in Photos

Well, I wrote this blog once, and as I was putting in the tags somehow I hit the back button and lost the entire blog!…
CANDLE Jul 20, 2014

Here comes the night time.

Thursday 18 September 2014 5:50pm I'm currently listening to The Walking Who and dolling up for Champion Up North's 1st birthday party. Recently, I've watched the…

Fashion Photography Inspo- September 16, 2014.

Here is my fashion photography inspirations for today, September 16, 2014. :-) Me and my roomie are eating Pizza for supper and watching on Destination…
escaperoute Sep 16, 2014

Satirizing Tourists [Photoblog]

My school year is officially in swing, but I still have photos from my Seattle trip to upload.   I sort of consider this series more satirical…

52 Week Photo Challenge (Part 2)

Wanted to put up the second half of my project, before I have a new one for tomorrow.  And then I'll just post individual ones…
pishelle Sep 12, 2014

I can take it from here. I'll find my own bravado.

Tuesday 9 September 2014 4:40am Oh, Lorde ♥. Her album and Jasmine Pearl tea are the elixirs for many a predicament. An article I wrote about Leeds…

From my random holidays

Sorry for not commenting, I dont know what I do with my time. I take lots of photos. And here's quick journal with some of…
Tommorow Sep 10, 2014

Spring 2015: How to wear the biggest runway trends from NYFW

Hey Buzznetters! wantering created an amazing and helpful post on how to wear the biggest runway trends from NYFW and I want to share these trends with you.   Let's get…
Haleigh Rice
Haleigh Rice Sep 13, 2014

52 Week Photo Challenge Blog (Part 1)

Hey Buzzloves! I'm going to try and be more active on here! So I figured, since I started my real passion of photography once I…
pishelle Sep 07, 2014

Pembrokeshire County Show 2014

The 3 day County show was held at Haverfordwest recently and I was there everyday !  Over 90,000 people attended over the 3 days. The first…
annier Sep 01, 2014

Bowl of oranges.

Monday 1 September 2014 5:10am I am ready to go home - oh, to have parents, proper teas, a garden, a fruit bowl with fruit in…

#36 Enjoy yourself, Wrocław

So I went to my friend Aga (hello Aga!) to Wrocław, very pretty city, one of the biggest in Poland. We sightsee a little, the weather…
Tommorow Aug 31, 2014