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a bit of what i've been up to

aka a few pics of the past few months! i'll start with the trip i  made to mexico city recently. we  bought some delicious candies…
chromatique Oct 29, 2014

Hair Do Day

Today Kay and I headed to the beauty shop so that my friend, Jodi, could work her magic on our hair!  Here are the photos…
CANDLE Oct 28, 2014

How Life Has Been Here in Magdeburg

Hey everyone, I promised in my last blog that I'll post some pictures of where I live and study now. I will also tell you…
Ranna Oct 26, 2014

Weekend autumn break

We had very rainy days recently, however it changed -  temperature got lower but the sun came up so for taking photos it is much…
Tommorow Oct 26, 2014

WATCH: Twisty From American Horror Story Make Up Tutorial

Okay so i know you all have been DYING to recreate everyones favorite clown/serial killer Twisty's look. Well your requests have finally been answered! The…
rebeccahrose Oct 23, 2014

Hi from Magdeburg

Hello everyone, I am now officially living in Magdeburg. I have finished all if the bureaucratic stuff and am now in the second week of…
Ranna Oct 22, 2014

It's you, always, it's you.

Thursday 23 October 2014 7:10pm I am painting the song Sparrow and listening to A Date With The Everly Brothers. I've recently watched Northern Soul with…

Halloween Style Inspiration From The Runways

Halloween is getting closer! Have you decide what to wear for the party? So many choices to wear every year, get a spooky look or…
deeisdian Oct 14, 2014

Butterflies (photoset)

Hey all! Two posts two days in a row. Wow I am on a roll!  Here are some photos taken during my visit to Seattle, Washington.   Follow me: Twitter…

Take my picture.

Wednesday 8 October 2014 5:55am  I have mazy feelings. I know previous unexpected events offer the prospect of opening brightly coloured new doors, it is just…

Some pictures I've taken recently of planes, nature and mushrooms

A couple of weekends ago my boyfriend and I visited an airplane festival. The little airport is a while off the road, so we had to…
sunitaanja Oct 06, 2014


My husband came in and said to come outside to see what he found sitting in front of the shed door. He made a round…
BIZARRELAND Oct 05, 2014

Golden Suicide Hill / Catharsis (Photoset)

Hey all! TWO POSTS TWO DAYS IN A ROW WOW this hasn't happened in a while. I feel like I say this every post but I really…

Tokio Hotel Play An Acoustic Session In Madgeburg For RadioSAW

Tokio Hotel continue their German promotion of their new album Kings Of Suburbia. Today they come back in Magdeburg all together (Gustav was born and still…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Oct 05, 2014

Birthday Time

Hi there!  You know that my birthday was Monday because I posted photos of that day of celebrations, but tonight was my party with the…
CANDLE Oct 04, 2014