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Hello everyone, I am back from my little trip to Bratislava, Slovakia. I am also fresh licensed tourist, (haha joke xp). My Bachelor's degree exam…
Tommorow Jul 23, 2014

This Is How Hayley Williams Spent A Day At APMAs

It's the first AP Music Awards, held at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and Museum at North Coast Harbor in Cleveland. Of course…
deeisdian Jul 21, 2014

How I learned to be kind

In the last year and espeacially in the last weeks I realized that every single person I know is fighting or struggling with something. They…
sunitaanja Jul 22, 2014

If Disney Girls Were Humans

When we were younger I think we all dreamed that the Disney Fairytales were real and we really looked up to the Disney Girls. An…
Heartemily Jul 20, 2014


So here I am with another installment of ON THE ROAD with JJ ..... Of course I found some interesting things while driving, in the…
BIZARRELAND Jul 20, 2014

If You're A Bird , I'm A Bird

The Newest Photography obsession Drone Photography which uses a Drone with a camera to go where you can't normally go and the end result is…
Heartemily Jul 18, 2014

A summer day

It's been rather hot and sunny here today. Thus I decided to get out and take some photos. I thought it would be nice to…

I'm sinking in the quicksand of my thought.

Wednesday 16 July 2014 2:00am I am now in Leeds. On the last day of travel, I thought: I'm going to the seaside and I'm going…

YUM! Star Wars Macarons

Let me show you Star Wars Macarons :) Today I read about them and I thought that you can like these sweet cookies made by…
Forbidden Jul 11, 2014

7 Years on Buzznet.

9th of July 2014. Whoa, it's been already 7 YEARS since I've signed up. Thank you so much for... everything? ;)) I've had a great time…
iska Jul 09, 2014

Independence Day

Hi there!  I had a very quiet and emotional July 4th holiday this year!  Jordan and I went to the fireworks thinking we would be…
CANDLE Jul 05, 2014

Talks, Laughs And Gifts With A Great Friend

Hello Buzzneters, I hope you are fine :) The weather here in my city is really hot and I spend almost every afternoon at the pool…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Jul 07, 2014

4th Of July At Lake Okoboji............

Oh yes the Queen 2 the nautical nostalgia steamboats ruled Okoboji navigation at the turn of the 20th century and she still runs. Wolcome to Iowa's…
hersh Jul 07, 2014

The Warped Tour Experience: 2014

Hey guys! So you'll notice I took a break from my London photos, which I haven't finished editing yet, my gosh I'm so slow, to…
izshkabobula Jul 07, 2014

Nothing else matters, I don't care what I miss. Company's okay. Solitude is bliss.

Tuesday 8 July 2014 1:20am I've had peppermint tea on the beach, accidentally got lost in the Lake District when following cows (luckily, I found a…