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My Life as an APO [6] - Present

19 April 2014 Recently there have been so many heartbreaking incidents going on, from the aircraft that vanished in thin air, the sudden passing of my…

#BuzzneterLife: This Is Me

Let me show you something. I'm a shy girl but sometimes I need to say a loud about my life. And I thought about showing…
Forbidden Apr 17, 2014

Don't give up on life, please!

So many young people kill themselves. It makes me feel incredibly sad and helpless and I wish there was something I could do. So, here…
sunitaanja Apr 18, 2014

Vision of division.

Wednesday 16 April 2014 2:15am I have attended writers briefings, had a guinness, visited an art gallery party, swing danced, painted the town, photographed Leeds street…

1 Year With Buzznet!

Hello Buzznetters! It's my Birthday!...well kinda, It's been 1 whole year since I started writing right here on Buzznet!  So it's been one whole year since…
Molly-Jane Apr 14, 2014

My Life as an APO [5] - Blessings

13 April 2014 Shit happens. So do amazing things. It's been a while I've been like myself. I couldn't be more thankful for the new people who…

On James Frey's "A million little pieces"

I just finished reading "A million little pieces" by James Frey. I have wanted to read this book for years, ever since we had to read…
sunitaanja Apr 12, 2014

Literally Literary: Spotlight on Tyler Knott Gregson

There are writers and poets who just get it. Then, there are writers and poets who are so on point, you have no choice but…
Tina Apr 11, 2014

Vanessa Hudgen's Nails For Coachella 2014

Youtube: Follow me on Instagram: @alexapallagi  Follow me on Twitter: @alexapallagi  Vanessa Hudgens is definitely a Coachella lover. She's on the festival every year. Coachella is just…

Hot Or Not: Fake Food Jewellery

Do you like unique jewellery? So, I found an awesome from Japan made by Fake Food Hatanaka. They created a line of fashion accessories but…
Forbidden Apr 12, 2014

Some snaps from Phuket

:)                                                                   There's a lot more…
Bek Apr 08, 2014

Going to DC!

Tomorrow morning, at 5:30, I'll be boarding a bus to go on a ten hour trip to the nation's capitol, Washington DC. It's the first…
malmo777 Apr 06, 2014


I thought it was time for another On The Road blog I think I got a few good ones this time and here is my…
BIZARRELAND Apr 04, 2014

Main Title Sequence

Saturday 5 April 2014 7:05pm In the words of Gwyneth Paltrow; Zak and I have consciously uncoupled. I am braced for the blues. Recently, I've danced…

A Day In Cheboygan With Dad ... For Yong Yi

It is Thursday again, so Dad and I headed to Cheboygan to shop, run errands, and go to several appointments!  What does this have to…
CANDLE Apr 03, 2014